80 Dolphins You Ought to Know

​Professional/Career Achievements
May include achievements in any field or multiple fields;
•Measures of success may include sales achievements, leadership within an organization, efforts to advance the profession and leadership in a field;
•Is this individual a leader in his/her field?
Volunteer Civic/Community/Charitable Contributions
May include virtually any kind of community or charitable organization that is not accompanied by compensation beyond the reimbursement of reasonable expenses;
•May include hands-on direct service at any civic charitable entity, including religious organizations;
•May include volunteer fundraising and board service;
•Volunteer first rescue, and other service activity;
•Does this person make a difference in his/her community?
Life Achievements that fall into neither category
For Example: Marathon runner, attainment of additional degrees beyond JU, overcome a disability, raised championship horses, etc.

To be considered for an award, an alumna/alumnus must not have received the Distinguished Alumni Award or have been selected as one of the 75 Distinguished Dolphins in 2009. Recipients of other JU honors were not disqualified. The intent of these awards is to spotlight JU alumni and their achievements and "stories" that have not been recognized previously.​
Brad Adgate ’77
Richard Anson ’67
Cmdr. John Brabazon ’06
William “Bill” Breed ’82
James “Mad Dog” Bryan ’87
Tom Bryan ’96
Anthony Campanella ’06/’09
Todd Chase ’88
H. Martin Chomiak ’81/'84​
Lisa Clarson ’75
Hon. Karen Cole ’78
Mike Cozort ’74
Brian Crawford ’78
Eileen Crawford ’78
Margaret Dees ’86
Peter De Frank ’04
Dr. Amber Degryse ’00
Dr. John Richard DeSalvo ’87
Hon. John Mitchael​ Drew ’96/’02
Royce Duncan ’75
Diane Wright Elkins ’91
Al Emerick ’89/’12
Brandi Epperson ’06
Dr. Eric Thomas Everett ’81
Brenda Ezell ’97
Hon. Gary Flower ’82
Earnie Franklin ’03
Mike Freed ’90
Jeanine Garrett ’74/’77
W.C. Gentry ’69
Dane Gilbert ’76
Dr. Jean Glossa ’88
Dr. Carl Goodman ’86
Sean Gorman ’96
Dr. Laura Gunn ’99
Richard Hadden ’79
Erik Henderson ’00
Connie Doss Hutton ’73
Dr. Karen Jackson ’89
Shawnae Jebbia ’94
Suzanne Judas ’69
David Julian ’75
Matt Kane ’01
Craig King ’95
Russell Knox ’07
Richard LaMee ’63
Sharon Lewis ’74
Judith Maness ’69
Cmdr. Mark Marino ’91
Hope McMath ’92/’96
Sevan Mehrabian ’07
Michael Mittelman ’75
F. Andrew “Andy” Moran ’78
Charles “Chuck” Musfeldt ’77/’87 ​
Nellie '70, '08
Greg Nelson ’71
Scott Nelson ’66
Jeannette Bohall O’Connor ’74
Matt O’Keefe ’88
Patrick O’Keefe ’95
Donald Pallone ’87
John Petrakis ’73
Steve Piscitelli ’75
Dr. Linda Pittenger ’80/’85
Pamela Kirk Prentice ’77
Fred Pruitt ’68/’85
John Runion ’79
George Sackman ’52
Mike Schall ’78
John Sessions ’59 ~
Elyse Silver ’94
Linda Berry Stein ’69
Mark Stiehl ’85
Alan Tietjen ’78
Stanley "Randy"​ Tucker '67​
Billy Walker ’60
Cleve Warren ’90
Lcdr. Mike Watson ’88
Becky ​​​Watt ’06​
Lcdr. Matt Willette '03