JU's Greatest Needs

​What is the “JU's Greatest Needs” Fund?

  • The PRIMARY means of support for JU
  • The vehicle to support the tradition of annual giving at JU
  • The means of supporting JU’s Mission through scholarships, technology, student & campus life programs & academic initiatives

How is the money used?

  • Benefits every JU student & faculty member
  • ​Provides essential resources every year because it is an annual fund
  • Provides funding for faculty programs and professional development
  • Enhances student life programs and web resources
  • Maintains and improves facilities to ensure that JU is “THE JU” alumni, students, parents & faculty can be proud to call their University

Who contributes to “JU's Greatest Needs”?

  • Anyone who values private quality higher education in Jacksonville, FL
  • Alumni, Parents, Friends, Employees, Current Students, Corporations, Foundations and Fans of JU!
  • Anyone wishing to participate in an annual tradition

Why should you give to “JU's Greatest Needs”?

If you have taken a class at JU, earned an undergraduate or graduate degree, received a JU scholarship, enjoyed a play at Swisher Theatre, visited the Phillips Fine Arts Gallery, attended a public lecture on campus or otherwise enjoyed JU's myriad of high-quality educational offerings, you have benefited from the generosity of those who contribute to JU's Greatest Needs.

Similarly, your annual gift to JU's Greatest Needs will help ensure that JU’s exceptional educational opportunities continue.  In giving you will make a real difference in the lives of today's JU students and faculty.

Additionally, by giving to JU's Greatest Needs, you help yourself -- if the above reasons aren’t enough!  If JU’s future is enhanced, by default, the value of YOUR degree will be enhanced. So, you’re doing yourself a favor by promoting your institution.​​​