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FREN101: Beginning French I
For true beginners. Free textbook!
MWF | 10:00-10:50
MWF | 11:00-11:50

FREN201: Intermediate French I
Already studied French? Google "JU language placement" to take our placement exam. FREN201 fulfills the global studies requirement for most degrees.
MWF | 2:00-2:50

FREN301/FREN325: Conversation and Phonetics
Work on your speaking skills and culminate the semester with a Murder Mystery party, where you and your classmates are suspects!
MWF | 12:00-12:50

Current Offerings

FREN102: Beginning French II
For students who have passed FREN101 or the equivalent. New to the program? Google JU Language Requirement for more information on placement.
MWF | 10:00-10:50
MWF | 11:00-11:50

FREN202: Le Petit Prince: Art, Philosophie, Expression
Read and discuss Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic novella of childhood, love, and loss with additional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Meets the global studies requirement for all degree types.
MWF | 12:00-12:50

FREN325: French Fairytales
This course will explore many of the best-loved fairytales the world has ever known: Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and more... in text and in film.
MW | 2:30-3:45

Past Offerings