Internships & Career Opportunities

A number of internship opportunities with music and entertainment organizations and music-related businesses and industries are available to JU music students.

Internships are administered by the Department of Music, and the internships that students pursue must meet certain qualifying criteria. Internships have been completed in major and independent record companies, such as Atlantic Records and Fueled by Ramen Records, music publishers of both sacred and secular music, recording studios and live performance venues.

By virtue of their liberal arts preparation, music students are well equipped for careers in a variety of other fields and for advanced study at graduate level. JU music graduates have enjoyed successful careers as performers with professional organizations such as the San Francisco Orchestra, Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Switzerland’s Winterthur Symphony Orchestra, and U.S. Air Force Symphony.

Our graduates hold jobs as private instructors, choral and music directors, music educators, and educational administrators around the nation with organizations such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, University of Wisconsin, the Bolles School and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville. Music theatre students enjoy various careers as performers at Disney World, on cruise ships, in Hollywood, and dinner theatre circuits in New York and Florida.​