Campus Events and Student Activities

‚ÄčAs an interdisciplinary program, Humanities supports and often cosponsors the activities of the other departments within the Division of Humanities (Communication, English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy), as well as departments within the Division of Science & Math, the Division of Social Sciences, and the College of Fine Arts. Majors are encouraged to attend dance and music recitals, art exhibits, and theatrical productions as well as presentations by guest speakers representing a variety of fields across campus.  The goal of such sponsorship, as it is of the entire Humanities program, is to enable majors to view their cultural heritage with an integrating eye, to see unity in variety, and to share common points of view.

Recent Guest Speaker Presentations Sponsored by the Department of Humanities:

"The Life of Iffat Al Thunayan, Arabian Queen" (Spring 2016)

                     Dr. Joseph A. Kechichian,
                     Senior Fellow, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies,
                     Saudia Arabia

"The Unpacking of the Veil" (Spring 2016)

                   Dr. Bashart Tayyab, Professor of Philosophy (Retired),
                   University of Karachi, Pakistan

"Multiculturalism in a Democratic Society"  (Spring 2013)

                  Dr. Gregory Jay, Senior Director, Cultures and Communities Program,
                  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee