Philosophy takes on a whole new meaning when you participate in a live, off-campus Philosophy Slam—a forum of free expression—sponsored by Jacksonville University’s Philosophy Club. A moderator promotes thought and debate as students express themselves on hot-button issues such as free speech, politics, euthanasia, sexuality, and religion. This unorthodox teaching method is extremely popular and provides a unique format for engaged learning.

With a curriculum that encourages a full range of philosophical thinking, the Philosophy B.A. degree and Minor offer an ideal format for engaged learning. Students can look forward to developing habits of critical and rigorous thinking through reading, writing, and discussion of philosophical texts that explore what it really means to be a human being. Our students form close mentoring relationships with their professors, and frequent guest speakers and lecturers open them to new perspectives. A philosophy degree will both broaden your understanding and train you to think and write clearly, providing you with valuable skills that can be employed in virtually any career.


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