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Division of Humanities

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The major is offered as a Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses are available in the major areas of the history of Western thought from ancient and medieval philosophy to classical modern philosophy, contemporary continental philosophy and contemporary analytic philosophy.

Also offered are courses in the philosophy of art, ethical theory, applied ethics, logic and political philosophy, as well as periodic interdisciplinary courses with the sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The philosophy department also encourages majors to arrange independent study projects in a specific area of interest.

The department also offers a minor in religion. The courses in religion focus on the critical examination of traditions, doctrines, rituals, literature, and cultures of a wide variety of belief systems. Both critical and survey methods are used in Biblical studies and in the investigation of ancient and modern belief systems of Western and nonwestern peoples. The religious beliefs, traditions, and practices of all peoples are treated with academic respect.

Philosophy Degree Plan (PDF)