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Photo of Dr. Scott Kimbrough, Chair of the Division of Humanities and Professor of Philosophy

Whatever career path students pursue, their success depends upon the ability to think critically, write cogently, and speak clearly. Education in the Humanities fosters and develops these foundational skills.

Dr. Scott KimbroughChair of the School of Humanities and Professor of Philosophy

Engaged Learning

The School of Humanities offers a variety of enhanced learning activities through research, sponsored events, study abroad, and student organizations.

Undergraduate Research

Students work closely with faculty to develop undergraduate research projects in a variety of disciplines. Students in the humanities have presented at local, regional and national conferences. These project build mentoring relationships, develop professional skills, and create networking opportunities.

Sponsored Events

From the annual Walter Visiting Writer lecture and workshop to the Philosophy Slam series, the School of Humanities sponsors events that bring writers and scholars to interact with students. French Week introduces students to French food, games, and culture. At the annual Ghost of JU Write-a-Thon, dozens of students collaborate to author group stories. Student writers showcase their work in the Aquarian Arts and Literary magazine and the annual Walter Writing Awards.

Study Abroad

Humanities faculty members have led study abroad programs all over the world including the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Iceland, and Cuba

Student Organizations

From honors societies to the Aquarian Arts and Literary Magazine, the School of Humanities advises student organizations that support classroom learning through extracurricular activities. Through these organizations, students have earned scholarships and grants, and made valuable community connections.

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