Study Away



Various summer study abroad and domestic travel-based courses are offered on a rotating basis.  For example, Dr. Carole Barnett offers courses in which students visit the ancient archaeological ruins of Italy and Greece or explore castles and other medieval sites in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, while Dr. Joana Owens is currently developing a course based in London (planned for Summer 2018). 

^JU Humanities student, Florence, Italy (2016)

Past Offerings

"Castles, Cultures & Connections:  Italy/Austria/Switzerland"

"Exploring the Culture of New York City"

"Encounters with British Culture"

"The Golden Age of Italy and Greece: An Archaeological Field Study Tour"

"Moorish Spain:  Granada"
Students at the Vatican.jpg

^Above: JU Humanities and Communications students and faculty, Rome (2012)

NYC 2012 (Group Shot--9-11 Sculpture).JPG

Above and below:  JU Humanities  and English students and faculty, New York City (2012)
NYC 2012 (Group Shot--Jules Dinner 2).JPG