NSPE Speakers

2017 Fall

1. JU Engineering alumnus Shaun Kapples discussed his career at Lockheed Martin and Harris Corp. 

2. Jonathan Long, our advisory board member from Ring Power talked about his non-traditional engineer career. 

3. Engineers from the McVeigh&Mangum shared their stories with JU Engineering students.

2017 Spring

1. Mr. James Jones, the President of Solid Rock Engineering Inc and the County Commissioner for District 1 in St. Johns County, JU 3/2 engineering dual degree alumnus shared stories about his experiences at JU, his engineering career and commissioner career.

2. Mr. Tom Johnston, Product Manager of KLS Martin (a German company in JAX) and JU EMBA alumnus gave a talk about their 3D printing based projects for medical applications.

3. Mr. Michael Whelean, the Director of Public Projects and Senior Professional Engineer from Gulfstream Design Group, LLC gave a talk about their projects in the St. Augustine .


2016 Fall​

1. Dr J. Kemi Ladeji-Osias from Morgan State University talked about the academic progression of engineering students

2. Andy Cummings & Chuck Kennedy, Civil Engineers from Connelly & Wicker Inc. talked about many aspects of an engineer's career

3. Jaime Eaton, Civil & Electrical Engineers from Reynolds, Smith, & Hills Inc. talked about civil engineering projects at Southwest Florida International Airport

2016 Spring

1. ​​Brian Moody, PE, from Applications Engineering Group, Inc.​ gave a talk about forensic engineering projects. 

2. Howard shared his thoughts about an aviation engineer's career. 


​2015 Fall

1. Haresh Patel from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Vistakon) introduced the career of a quality engineer. 

2. Tom Johnson ​​from LSI​​ Inc talked about their projects and engineering training. ​


2015 Spring

1. Two engineers Christine Scha​efer and ​Raymond Szkutak ​from Johnson & Johnson​ introduced their Millennial Program, example projects, the transition between school and the "real world" and company culture. 

2. A student's parent and an electrical engineer Tina L. Sanchez, PE, talked about several electrical projects in a civil engineering company Haskell. 


2014 Fall

1. Our alumnus Jim Johns '91​​, PE, the president of Solid Rock, a civil engineering company gave a talk about their projects. 

2. Jason Bab​er, a staff engineer from JEA and a liaison of NSPE and FES gave a talk about projects at JEA and their internships. ​


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