Advisory Board

Advisory Board 2017


Jack G. Abid
Allen, Dyer, Doppelt, Milbrath & Gilchrist, P.A Intellectual Property Law
Patent attorney, JU 3/2 Engineering Dual degree alumnus

Robert T. Bernath
UCF Office of Technology Transfer in the Office of Research and Commercialization
Business Development Manager , JU 3/2 Engineering Dual Degree Alumnus

Bert Bost
Account Manager

Joseph A. Bove (Board Co-Chair)
VP of Engineering, JU EMBA alumnus

Christopher M. Dreher, P.E.
Southern Equipment Sales Company
Sales Engineer

Thomas S. Johnston
KLS Martin
Product Manager, JU EMBA alumnus

Amanda Jones, P.E.
STV, Inc.
Engineering Director

Peter D. Layson
Applications Engineer Group
Principal Scientist, JU Engineering Physics alumnus

Jonathan Long
Ring Power
VP, Project Management

Wayne Mangum, P.E.
McVeigh and Mangum Engineering, Inc.
President and COO

Tina Sanchez
Electrical Engineer, PE

Michael S. Santarone (Board Co-Chair)
President, JU EMBA alumnus 

Jeffrey H. Shields, LC
Manager/ Lighting Representative

Edward D. Sparks, II
Assistant Chief Engineer-Structures, JU MBA alumnus

Larry Turknett
WW Gay

Rafi W. Wartan
TLC Engineering for Architecture
Division director, JU 3/2 Engineering Dual Degree alumnus

Edward E. Witt, Jr.
Miller Electric
Sr. VP of Construction Operations