University Major

The University major is an interdisciplinary major program.

There are two options: an interdisciplinary major or a three-minor option.

Students electing either option will be designated as University Majors. Proposed university majors should be consistent with JU’s liberal arts philosophy. University majors should not be used to concentrate work in a narrowly pre-professional way or to avoid certain courses in established major programs.

  • For the interdisciplinary major: an undergraduate student, who chooses to concentrate on a subject that crosses departmental lines, rather than specializing in an established departmental major, may work with an advisor to research and design a University major to achieve the student’s goals for preparation in a major that Jacksonville University does not offer. Any interdisciplinary major program for which a proper pattern of studies exists at JU will be considered.
  • For the three-minor option: an undergraduate student will select three minors from at least two different academic units to create a university major. For each minor, a student must complete at least 9 upper division credit hours of course work, irrespective of the minor requirements, and one major capstone experience (JU 387). Students may not assign minor elective course work to more than one major, and they may not double major in a discipline that comprises one of the three minors for the university major.

For both options: students must work with a faculty advisor and devise a plan that ensures all course work for the Core Curriculum, specific degree and general degree requirements of the University are met. Additionally, all university major students must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA (based on a minimum of 28 credit hours earned) and have at least 60 hours remaining at Jacksonville University at the time of application for either University major option.

Guidelines and applications for submission of either the Interdisciplinary or Three-minor University Major can be found on the Registrar’s webpage.