What to Expect

Firstly, you should always expect to feel helped in the center, but what happens during a single session here is largely determined by what you require from it.

That being said, the Writing Center is not meant to provide editing or proofreading services, but to help students rethink and “re-see” their writing. Students are encouraged to visit the center at all stages of the writing process.

Feel free to swing by if:

  • you have an assignment and are not sure how to approach it,
  • you have sketched a few ideas but are having a difficult time organizing them,
  • you have a first draft that might require some additional research, a revised draft that might require a second pair of eyes, help with citation formatting, or
  • you need assistance interpreting an instructor’s feedback on a completed essay.

After all, the goal of our center is not to make papers better -- but to make better writers.