The Routledge History of Latin American Culture Edited by Carlos Manuel Salomon

The Routledge History of Latin American Culture

The Routledge History of Latin American Culture delves into the cultural history of Latin America from the end of the colonial period to the twentieth century, focusing on the formation of national, racial, and ethnic identity, the culture of resistance, the effects of Eurocentrism, and the process of cultural hybridity to show how the people of Latin America have participated in the making of their own history.

The selections from an interdisciplinary group of scholars range widely across the geographic spectrum of the Latin American world and forms of cultural production. Exploring the means and meanings of cultural production, the essays illustrate the myriad ways in which cultural output illuminates political and social themes in Latin American history.

From religion to food, from political resistance to artistic representation, this handbook showcases the work of scholars from the forefront of Latin American cultural history, creating an essential reference volume for any scholar of modern Latin America.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Cultura en Llamas – Carlos Manuel Salomon
  1. Indigenous Cosmology and Spanish Conquest – Jorge Majfud
  2. Andean Identity and Historical Agency – Javier F. Marion
  3. The Trajectory of the African Michelina: Identities, Slavery, and Post-Abolition at the Parish of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Nielson Rosa Bezerra
  4. Caste, Race, and the Formation of Latin American Cultural Imaginaries – Laura Ines Catelli
  5. African Flavor in Latin American Music – Umi Vaughan
  6. The Politics of Enunciation: Indigenista and Contemporary Indigenous Literatures – Gloria E. Chacón
  7. Resistances in Caribbean Literature (1930s to the Present) – Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel
  8. Art, Revolution, and Indigenous Subjects – Tatiana Flores
  9. Chicano/a Latino/a Studies in Mexico (History and Evolution) Academy, Literature, Art, Theater, and Cultural Practices – María del Socorro Gutiérrez Magallanes
  10. New Latin American Revolutionary Cinema – Silvia Alvarez Olarra
  11. Amerindian Foodways of the Other Borderlands – Enrique Salmon
  12. Popular and Rural Schooling in Modern Latin America – G. Antonio Espinoza and Andrae Marak
  13. Political Cultures of Social Movements – Magalí Rabasa
  14. The Mapuche and "El Compañero Allende" : A Legacy of Social Justice, Historical Contradictions, and Cultural Debates – Rosamel Millaman
  15. Catholic Social Movements Face Modernity – Miranda Lida
  16. The Energetic Body: Machines, Organisms, and Social Thermodynamics in Colombia’s Path to Modernity – Stefan Pohl-Valero
  17. Feminism in the Southern Cone: The Periodical Press for and by Women – Claudia Montero
  18. Feminisms, Gender, and Indigenous Women in Latin America – Astrid Ulloa
  19. The Feminist Debate in Mexico – Gabriela Cano
  20. Cultural Identity in Latin America: Toward a Cooperative Understanding of our Past – Carlos Manuel Salomon, with Laura Inés Catelli, Jorge Majfud, Paloma Martínez Cruz, Magali Rabasa, Enrique Salmon, Umi Vaughan, and Gloria E. Chacón
  21. Migrant Transnational Engagements 2000–2015 – Xóchitl Bada
  22. Ancestral Wells of Love and Belonging: For Breath to Return to Love – Ana Clarissa Rosada Durado
  23. The Intimate Life of the Pocha: A Genealogy of the Self-Ironic Turn in Chican@ Culture – Paloma Martínez Cruz
  24. Queen of las Fiestas Patrias and Other Stories: Oral History, Memory, and Latinx Culture – Carlos Manuel Salomon

Edited by Carlos Manuel Salomon
© 2018 – Routledge

380 pages
Hardback: 9781138902565