Spanish Minor


A minor in Spanish requires a minimum of 15 credit hours in courses numbered above 200. Also, SPAN 301 and 302 are required courses.

Students who place at the 300-level on the Spanish placement exam will be awarded six (6) hours of credit for SPAN 201 and 202 only upon satisfactory completion, with a grade of “C” or better, of a Spanish course on the 300-level. Students who do not subsequently enroll at the 300-level will still have satisfied the Core Curriculum, but without academic credit.

Both SPAN 301 and 302 are required for a major or minor in Spanish. SPAN 301 and 302 may not be satisfied through credit by examination.

A student must complete Spanish 301 or 302 or obtain the consent of the department before enrolling in more advanced courses. Native speakers of Spanish must have the consent of the instructor before enrolling in SPAN 301 or 302.


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