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At Jacksonville University, language study is best described as a big adventure. Students take excursions (historic St. Augustine is just minutes away!), enjoy weekly “language tables” in the cafeteria, and engage in lively conversation hours in the lab. Our international Study Abroad and Away program gives students a big edge, too, with total immersion in another culture such as Spain, France or Mexico. Students gain more than language proficiency—they come back with a global perspective.

With the comprehensive B.A. degree and Minor program in Spanish,
students attain language fluency and tailor classes to their interests.
Courses in Spanish enable the student to learn the Spanish language
and become familiar with Hispanic cultures. Majors in Spanish also
study the outstanding figures of Spanish, Latin American, and Spanish
American literature and civilization, and are prepared for graduate
school, government service and careers in the private sector. At JU, we
make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

The difference is in the details such as daily opportunities for engaged learning and caring professors who know your name.

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Dr. Jorge Majfud

Professor. Ph.D, University of Georgia

Council Building 126-127

Dr. Adèle Douglin 

Assistant Professor of Spanish Language and Faculty-lead Study Abroad Coordinator 

Georgia Institute of Technology, Ph.D.

Hortensia Salcedo

Instructor of Spanish; M.A., New Mexico State University.

Marina Alonso

Adjunct Instructor of Spanish, MA.

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Dr. Ruth Rubio-Gilbertson

Instructor of Spanish, Ph.D,  

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Patricia Maroney

Office Associate

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  • Telephone number  (904) 256-7102 or
  •       (904) 256-7210
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Dr. Scott Kimbrough

Chair for the Division of Humanities

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