Placement Exam

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Score Placement     TSUM Screen in Ellucian (enter score)
0 - 15 101  
16-30 102  SPAN1 = Proficiency in SPAN 101, and can register for SPAN 102 
31-45 201   SPAN2 = Proficiency in SPAN 102, and can register for SPAN 201 
46-60 202  SPAN3 = Proficiency in SPAN 201, and can register for SPAN 202 
61+ 301/302

SPAN4 = Proficiency in SPAN 202, and can register for SPAN beyond SPAN 202 

After completing any 3XX or 4XX course with C+ or higher, you will be awarded 9 credits (6 for 201 and 202)

Native or near native Spanish speakers  

Contact Dr. Jorge Majfud 

Council Building, office 146

If you are a native, near native or a Spanish heritage speaker you don’t need to take the online placement exam. Please, schedule a five-minutes-long interview with Dr. Majfud ( )

Students who place at the 300-level on Spanish placement exam will be awarded six (6) hours of credit for SPAN 201 and 202 upon satisfactory completion with a grade of “C” or better of a Spanish course on the 300-level (3 more credits).


Non native or near-native speaker new students can take the online Placement Exam anytime here .

For further admissions information please contact Dr. Majfud at or the Office of Admissions at or +1 (904) 256-7000.



Placement Exam

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