Physics Minor

This option is for students who have some interest in Physics but are primarily working towards other majors.

Students who are interested in learning Physics, want to expand breadth of their knowledge, and/or improve their competitiveness in increasingly interdisciplinary nature of research in academia or industry would benefit from a minor.

Minor Requirements* (17 credits)

A minor in Physics consists of 17 credit hours in physics courses, which must include the following:

Code Course Credits
PHYS 101 Freshman Physics Seminar 1
PHYS 151 General Physics: Mechanics 4
PHYS 152 General Physics: Electricity & Magnetism 4





Any one (1) of

Computational Research Methods in Physics


Experimental Research Methods in Physics


Theoretical Research Methods in Physics







PHYS xxx Additional six (6) credit hours of physics courses numbered 200 or higher to complete a minimum of 17 credit hours. 6

Course Frequencies

Physics minors should work with their faculty academic advisor to make a degree plan during their first semester of enrollment and update this plan each semester. Please keep in mind the following course frequencies.

  • PHYS 101: Freshman Physics Seminar is generally offered every fall semester.
  • PHYS 151: General Physics I (Mechanics) & PHYS 152: General Physics II (Electricity & Magnetism) are generally offered every fall and spring semester.
  • PHYS 25XRI: Research Methods (Computational, Experimental or Theoretical) is offered every spring semester.
  • PHYS 305: Classical Mechanics is offered fall semesters of even-numbered years.
  • PHYS 306: Statistical Mechanics is offered fall semesters of odd-numbered years.
  • PHYS 310: Electromagnetic Theory I is offered fall semesters of even-numbered years.
  • PHYS 311: Electromagnetic Theory II is offered spring semesters of odd-numbered years.
  • PHYS 332: Junior Lab is offered per demand.
  • PHYS 413: Quantum Mechanics I is offered fall semesters of odd-numbered years.
  • PHYS 414: Quantum Mechanics II is offered spring semesters of even-numbered years.
  • PHYS 410WS is generally offered every spring semester.

* These requirements for a Physics Minor is effective 2019-2020 academic year. For previous requirements, please refer to the previous Academic Catalog.

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