Majors & Programs

The Physics Department offers the following programs. These programs will provide students with knowledge of the fundamental laws of the physical universe, mathematical methods in physics, and great familiarity with research and laboratory techniques. Program requirements and course descriptions can also be found in the course catalog.

  • Physics major: This option is intended for students who wish to pursue graduate study in physics, conduct research in physics, and/or teach physics.
  • Engineering Physics major: This option is intended for students who wish to teach physics or engineering and/or work in fields related to engineering and physics that do not require a complete set of advanced engineering or physics training such as engineering technologist, lab technician, and sustainability.
  • Minor in Physics: This option is for students who have some interest in Physics but are primarily working towards other majors. Students who are interested in learning Physics, want to expand breadth of their knowledge, and/or improve their competitiveness in increasingly interdisciplinary nature of research in academia or industry would benefit from a minor.
  • Physics Education: Students interested in this option to teach at secondary level should consult with the School of Education early in their academic carrier at JU to determine the specific requirements.

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