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Starting Fall 2024-2025 academic year, the Physics Department offers a BS in Physics major and Minor in Physics program. Our physics programs are carefully planned to give students an in-depth understanding of the core ideas and fundamental laws that shape our universe. It's a great fit for those excited to study the complexities of natural events from a scientific viewpoint.  
BS in Physics: This program is designed to give students a strong foundation in physics while introducing them to the growing fields of quantum computing and artificial intelligence. After completing the program, graduates will have a solid understanding of physics, along with knowledge in quantum computing and artificial intelligence. This equips them to tackle complex challenges effectively. Graduates can choose to pursue further studies in physics at the graduate level or enter careers in physics-related fields. 

BS in Physics Major Requirement

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Minor in Physics: The Physics Minor is a rigorous and enriching program that pairs well with any major, giving students a solid foundation in essential physics concepts. It's designed for students who are passionate about physics and want to deepen their understanding. With this minor, students can enhance their main area of study by developing strong analytical and problem-solving abilities—a key part of physics. This minor is also valuable for those looking to stand out in a job market that values versatility and interdisciplinary knowledge. 

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At Jacksonville University, students majoring in Physics automatically qualify for a Minor in Applied Mathematics upon graduation. 
The university offers three Physics courses cross-listed with Chemistry, and two Physics courses cross-listed with Mathematics. This unique setup means that Chemistry and Mathematics majors may only need to complete one extra Physics course to earn a Minor in Physics. 
Furthermore, the Physics Department is preparing to launch a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics. This upcoming degree will be interdisciplinary, integrating key scientific domains such as astronomy, astrophysics, biophysics, neuroscience, chemical physics, geophysics, and environmental science. Keep an eye out for this exciting development. 

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