Class of 2016 Research

Albin Haji ResearchIncidence of White Spot Lesions After Orthodontic Treatment With Fixed Appliance at JUSO

Resident: Dr. Hussain Albin Haji

Mentors: Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman, Dr. Eman Othman

Faisal Alkhayyal ResearchPerception of Adults and Teenagers to the Vertical Position of Maxillary Lateral Incisors

Resident: Dr. Faisal Alkhayyal

Mentors: Dr. Eman Othman, Dr. Daniel Judge


Dr. Asiri ResearchHow Well Orthodontists and/or Laypeople Can Differentiate Between Smiles of Varying Width?

Resident: Dr. Saeed Asiri

Mentors: Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman, Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa



Mohammed Badri ResearchRadiological Factors Guiding the Orthodontic Treatment Plan and Prognosis of Impacted Maxillary Canines

Resident: Dr. Mohammed Badri

Mentors: Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa, Dr. Eman Othman, Dr. John Zhang


Joseph Braud ResearchOrthodontic Marketing Using Conventional and Social Media: The Patient's Perspective

Resident: Dr. Joseph P. Braud, Jr.

Mentors: Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa, Dr. Eman Othman


Daniel Garrison ResearchComparative In Vitro Analysis of Enamel Damage when Debonding Ceramic vs. Metallic Brackets

Resident: Dr. Daniel Garrison

Mentors: Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman, Dr. John Sheridan


Khaled Hamdallah ResearchThe Esthetic Perception, Acceptability, and Economic Value of Orthodontic Appliances by Orthodontic Patients

Resident: Dr. Khaled Hamdallah

Mentors: Dr. Eman Othman, dr. Mark M. Alarbi

Zachary Levin ResearchAcceptability of Nasolabial Angle Change by Orthodontic Patients

Resident: Dr. Zachary J. Levin

Mentors: Dr. Cristiana Araujo, Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman, Dr. William Swigler



Brandi Lewis ResearchPrediction of Mandibular Advancement During Autorotation as a Result of Maxillary Impaction: A Pilot Study

Resident: Dr. Brandi Lewis w/Dr. Armando Retana

Mentors: Dr. Tirbod Fattahi, Dr. Peter Vig, Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. William Swigler, Dr. Xingzhong (John) Zhang, Dr. Ryan Butterfield

Gabriel Luttrell ResearchDoes Orthodontic Treatment Improve Patient Quality of Life and Does it Vary Depending on the Stage of Orthodontic Treatment?

Resident: Dr. Gabriel Luttrell

Mentors: Dr. Eman Othman, Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman

Tyson Miller ResearchThe Effects of Text Message Reminders and Retainer Wear Compliance

Resident: Dr. Tyson Miller

Mentor: Dr. Xingzhong (John) Zhang, Dr. Cristiana Araujo


Maryam Rezaie ResearchApplying Black American Cephalometric Norms to ABO Discrepancy Index

Resident: Dr. Maryam Rezaie

Mentors: Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa, Dr. Mark M. Alarbi, Dr. Paul Ouellette


Alexander Yadegari ResearchAdult Patients' pre-Treatment Acceptance of Increased Costs to Reduce Orthodontic Treatment Time

Resident: Dr. Alexander Yadegari

Mentors: Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa, Dr. Paul Ouellette

Soseh Zamani ResearchAn Objective Assessment of the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Discrepancy Index (DI) Categories and its Relationship with Treatment Length in a Graduate Orthodontic Clinic

Resident: Dr. Soseh Zamani

Mentors: Dr. Xingzhong (John) Zhang, Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa