Alumni Testimonials

My experience at JU was fabulous.  The family environment and the tremendous support provided by the school is exceptional and unique.  The clinical experience I gained at JU is unmatched and beyond compare to any school in the country.  I'm very happy and proud to be a JU graduate.

Abdulaziz Alamri, BDS, MS, CAGS JUSO Class of 2017

Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics is a clinically strong residency program.  The faculty are knowledgeable.  They are from diverse backgrounds, which allows the residents to be exposed to a wide range of skills and various treatment modalities.  Expect to graduate feeling confident and ready to join a fast pace, high patient load practice.

Maryam Rezaie, DMD, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2016

I'm very happy with the experience I had a JU School of Orthodontics. This was my second residency having completed a residency in Pediatric dentistry earlier, given these circumstances I have a unique perspective. It's a special and privileged experience to find a group of faculty and staff that truly work their hardest to provide a young orthodontic resident with a great learning environment and treat them with respect. The program is exceptional at teaching real world clinical skills and having multiple faculty members with many years of private practice experience is invaluable. My family and I loved our time at's hard to beat learning orthodontics 20 minutes from the beach!

M. Brandon Jones DMD, CAGS, ABPD, JUSO Class of 2015

At Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics, I received an education that was second to none. The support from the faculty and clinical staff was exceptional. The academic and clinical skills I learned at JU have enabled me to take great pride and joy in my daily work and opened many doors for me. I have developed a successful career path that owes much to my training. I am currently working at Al-Batterjee Medical College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as the Head of Preventative Department, Head of the Orthodontics Division, and Assistant Professor, teaching orthodontics to undergraduate dental students. I have also been practicing at the La Perle Dental Spa in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for over a year. I feel that, on the whole, my education at JU prepared me well for my transition to a successful career and I know that many of in my class feel the same.

Dareen Aljehani, BDS, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2014

Only 2 weeks out of it, and I'm realizing that life is so good, I would have done ANYTHING residency asked me in order to get to this goal. Life of an orthodontist is unreal!

Nick Reynolds, DMD, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2015

Jacksonville University's School of Orthodontics has provided me with a top notch clinical experience, allowing for an easy and seamless transition into a busy private practice. The ability to treat the high number of cases that JU students are afforded, along with the highly varied treatment philosophies utilized by the large faculty bless a JU Orthodontic resident with a unique experience. JUSO's diagnostic treatment planning seminars and treatment progress seminars are some of the most effective and valuable teaching tools I have experienced to date. Students leave JU more than prepared to tackle an academic career, all forms of private practice, and board certification seems to come easy to JUSO graduates. I wouldn't trade my experience at JUSO for anything, it has prepared me extremely well for my career in clinical orthodontics.

Jared Funt, DDS, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2011

My educational experience at JU was exceptional. The diagnostic seminars and the different philosophies of treatment taught by the faculty prepared me to be the successful orthodontist that I am today. I am blessed to have one very busy practice in Pearland, TX and I just acquired a second office in the Memorial Area. I hold the American Board of Orthodontists certification, which JU prepared me to pass successfully. The vast knowledge and clinical judgment that I apply in my everyday practice of orthodontics are a reflection of my educational background at JU. The program is not only very complete academically, but also offers a very strong clinical preparation. I was able to learn about different techniques on a high number of patients, as well as use different types of appliances while treating different types of malocclusions, which I believe was very important. Right after graduation I started working in a busy private practice and the transition seemed easy due to my preparation at JU. My education at JU was exceptional and I am very grateful to all the faculty that contributed to my development as a successful orthodontist. If you are considering superb orthodontic education JU should be at the top of your list.

Yesenia Garcia, DMD, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2007

I wanted to write to let you know how fortunate I feel to have received my orthodontic specialty training at Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics. The many different orthodontic philosophies that I was exposed to at JU along with the excellent evidence based approach puts Jacksonville at the forefront of orthodontic specialty education. Jacksonville University defines modern orthodontics. Along with the excellent clinical and didactic training, I feel that the business education we received was top notch. Thanks for a great experience. Keep up the great work.

Patrick G. Jones, DDS, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2010

Jacksonville University's School or Orthodontics has provided me with not just the knowledge and but the experience and confidence to transition from resident to a successful private practice owner of over 13 practices. The instruction and education I recieved from the very diverse teachers who are truly talented and gifted orthodontists was top notch. I would definitely recommend JUSO to someone looking for a career in orthodontics in a fun and exciting while educational enviornment.

H. Derick Phan, DDS, CAGS, JUSO Class of 2005