Class of 2015 Research

Director of Research - Peter Vig, BDS, PhD

Alfayez ResearchSurvey Results of Jacksonville Graduate Orthodontic Private Practitioners Regarding Preparedness for a Pandemic Influenza Outbreak
Dr. Alaa Alfayez                    Mentors: Dr. Daniel Judge, Dr. William Swigler, Dr. Kate Litschel,                                                                                                                                     Dr. Christine Sapienza

Al Mutlaq ResearchAssessing Little's Irregularity Index with Study Models When Compared to Intraoral Photographs

Resident: Dr. Saleh Al Mutlaq
Mentors: Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. Jack Sheridan

Alnatheer researchPerception of Orthodontist and Lay People to Amount of Gingival Display

Resident: Dr. Mohammed Alnatheer
Mentors: Dr. Jack Sheridan, Dr. Daniel Judge, Dr. Cristiana Araujo


Bond ResearchThe Accuracy and Reliability of measurements Derived from Digital Models Versus Plaster Models in Examining the Anterior-Posterior, Transverse, and Vertical Occlusal Relationships

Resident: Dr. Victor Bond
Mentors: Dr. Peter Vig, Dr. Paul Ouellette, Dr. Cristiana Araujo, Dr. Christine Sapienza

Bustati ResearchAnalysis of Orthodontic Braces-Related Posts on Twitter

Resident: Dr. Mohammad Bustati
Mentors: Dr. Cristiana Araujo, Dr. John Sheridan, Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. Maryam Rezaie


DePasquale ResearchThe Effect of Text message Reminders on Retainer Wear Compliance

Resident: Dr. Stephen F. Depasquale
Mentors: Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. Cristiana Araujo, Dr. Xingzhong John Zhang, Dr. Christine Sapienza

Jones ResearchParental Preference for Dual Trained Orthodontist

Resident: Dr. M. Brandon Jones
Mentors: Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. William Swigler, Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman


Lorenzo ResearchThe Knowledge and Preparedness of Orthodontic Residents and Faculty Members about Medical Emergencies in a Large Orthodontic Practice

Resident: Dr. Annette Lorenzo-Reyes
Mentors: Dr. Xingzhong John Zhang, Dr. Cristiana Araujo, Dr. Peter Vig

Othman ResearchEffect of Premolar Extraction on Facial Vertical Dimension

Resident: Dr. Eman Othman
Mentors: Dr. Mark Alarbi, Dr. Peter Vig, Dr. Cristiana Araujo



Reynolds ResearchClinical Attire of Orthodontists: Patient and Parent Preferences, and Implications

Resident: Dr. Robert N. Reynolds
Mentors: Dr. Peter Vig, Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. Daniel Judge


Ruiz researchGeneration of a 3D Mesh Model for the Comparison on the Transverse Changes of the Maxillary Complex Between and Implant-Supported Palatal Expander vs. the Traditional Tooth-Borne Palatal Expander on Unilateral Posterior Crossbite Malocclusion Correction: A Finite Element Analysis

                                                                                                                              Resident: Dr. Nelson Ruiz-Febo
                                                                                                                              Mentors: Dr. Jun Nihara, Dr. Kim                                                                                                                                      Beom Ki, Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. Mark                                                                                                                                Alarbi, Dr. Cristiana Araujo

Urciuoli ResearchDoes Orthodontic Treatment Improve Patient Quality of Life and Does it Vary Depending on the Stage of Orthodontic Treatment

Resident: Dr. Daniela Urciuoli
Mentors: Dr. John Sheridan, Dr. Peter Vig, Dr. Xingzhong John Zhang 

Welch ResearchComparison of the Linear and Angular 2-D and 3-D lateral Cephalometric Measurements; Reproducibility and Reliability

Resident: Dr. Arghavan Bahramnejad Welch
Mentors: Dr. Xingzhong John Zhang, Dr. Paul Ouellette, Dr. Mark Alarbi

Williams ResearchCephalometric Analyses and Their Agreement in Aid of Diagnosing Malocclusions

Resident: Dr. Crystal L. Williams
Mentors: Dr. Mark Alarbi, Dr. Kate Litschel, Dr. William Swigler, Dr. Jorge Farill-Guzman