Research 2015-2016

​ ​ ​Class of 2016

​ ​Director of Research - Dr. Sawsan Tabbaa
​Incidence of White Spot Lesions After Orthodontic Treatment With Fixed Appliance at JUSO ​   Dr. Hussain Albin Haji
​Perception of Adults and Teenagers to the Vertical Position of Maxillary Lateral Incisors ​   Dr. Faisal Alkhayyal
​How Well Orthodontists and/or Laypeople Can Differentiate Between Smiles of Varying Width? ​   Dr. Saeed Asiri
​Radiological Factors Guiding the Orthodontic Treatment Plan and Prognosis of Impacted Maxillary Canines ​   Dr. Mohammed Badri
​Orthodontic Marketing Using Conventional and Social Media: The Patient's Perspective ​   Dr. Joseph Braud
​Comparative In Vitro Analysis of Enamel Damage when Debonding Ceramic vs. Metallic Brackets ​   Dr. Daniel Garrison
​The Esthetic Perception, Acceptability, and Economic Value of Orthodontic Appliances by Orthodontic Patients ​   Dr. Khaled Hamdallah
​Acceptability of Nasolabial Angle Change by Orthodontic Patients ​   Dr. Zachary Levin
​Prediction of Mandibular Advancement During Autorotation as a Result of Maxillary Impaction: A Pilot Study ​   Dr. Brandi Lewis
​Does Orthodontic Treatment Improve Patient Quality of Life and Does it Vary Depending on the Stage of Orthodontic Treatment? ​   Dr. Gabriel Luttrell
​The Effects of Text Message Reminders and Retainer Wear Compliance ​   Dr. Tyson Miller
​Applying Black American Cephalometric Norms to ABO Discrepancy Index ​   Dr. Maryam Rezaie
​Adult Patients' pre-Treatment Acceptance of Increased Costs to Reduce Orthodontic Treatment Time   ​Dr. Alexander Yadegari
​ ​An Objective Assessment of the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) Discrepancy Index (DI) Categories and its Relationship with Treatment Length in a Graduate Orthodontic Clinic ​   Dr. Soseh Zamani
​ ​

Class of 2015

​ ​Director of Research – Dr. Peter Vig
Survey Results of Jacksonville Graduate Orthodontic Private Practitioners Regarding Preparedness for a Pandemic Influenza Outbreak ​   Dr. Alaa Alfayez
​Assessing Little's Irregularity Index with Study Models When Compared to Intraoral Photographs ​   Dr. Saleh Al Mutlaq
Perception of Orthodontist and Lay People to Amount of Gingival Display ​   Dr. Mohammed Alnatheer
​Comparison of the Linear and Angular 2-D and 3-D lateral Cephalometric Measurements; Reproducibility and Reliability ​   Dr. Arghavan Bahramnejad
​The Accuracy and Reliability of measurements Derived from Digital Models Versus Plaster Models in Examining the Anterior-Posterior, Transverse, and Vertical Occlusal Relationships ​   Dr. Victor Bond
​Analysis of Orthodontic Braces-Related Posts on Twitter ​   Dr. Mohammad Bustati
​The Effect of Text message Reminders on Retainer Wear Compliance ​   Dr. Stephen F. DePasquale
​Parental Preference for Dual Trained Orthodontist ​   Dr. M. Brandon Jones
​The Knowledge and Preparedness of Orthodontic Residents and Faculty Members about Medical Emergencies in a Large Orthodontic Practice ​   Dr. Annette Lorenzo-Reyes
​Effect of Premolar Extraction on Facial Vertical Dimension ​   Dr. Eman Othman
​Clinical Attire of Orthodontists: Patient and Parent Preferences, and Implications ​   Dr. Robert N. Reynolds
​Generation of a 3D Mesh Model for the Comparison on the Transverse Changes of the Maxillary Complex Between and Implant-Supported Palatal Expander vs. the Traditional Tooth-Borne Palatal Expander on Unilateral Posterior Crossbite Malocclusion Correction: A Finite Element Analysis ​   Dr. Nelson Ruiz-Febo
​Does Orthodontic Treatment Improve Patient Quality of Life and Does it Vary Depending on the Stage of Orthodontic Treatment ​   Dr. Daniela Urciuoli
Cephalometric Analyses and Their Agreement in Aid of Diagnosing Malocclusions ​   Dr. Crystal L. Williams