research 2010-2014

Class of 2014

Director of Research – Dr. Peter Vig
Anterior Open Bite Malocclusion in African-Americans: Analysis of the Underlying Components (Skeletal Vs. Dental)

Dr. Mohammed Alali
Effect of incisor position on the soft tissue profile

Dr. Rawia Alkhunaizi
Variables that Predict Patients’ Satisfaction after Orthodontic Treatment, Process and Outcome

Dr. Faiza Alotibi
Ceramic Bracket Debonding with a Diode Laser: Efficacy and Safety

Dr. Nicholas D. Andros
Comparison of complexity between Black and White Americans with Class I Malocclusion using ABODI in and orthodontic institution

Dr. Trang Cao
Lower Lingual Holding Arch and Extractions in Orthodontics

Dr. Thomas Dunn
How well do potential patients and orthodontic residents agree on what content is most important to present on an orthodontists website?

Dr. Scott Endrizzi
Does patient’s motivation influence the compliance during orthodontic treatment?

Dr. Robertzon Guloy
Discontinuation of orthodontic treatment at Jacksonville University: a study of the contributing factors

Dr. Louie Haidar
Restoring Peg-Shaped Laterals: Evaluation of Esthetics on Different Treatment Approaches

Dr. Francisco M. Herrero-Nater
Cephalometric Tracing Variation amongst Orthodontic Residents

Dr. Bradley Kuper-Smith
Maxillary Advancement surgery and Nasolabial soft tissue changes

Dr. Hidayat Nagori
Failure Rates of Mini-Screws (TADS) in a Residency Setting

Dr. Obiajulu Onuora
Does Orthodontic Treatment Improve Quality of Life

Dr. Courtney Rubin
Inter-rater space analysis variability comparing first and second year orthodontic students

Dr. Ahmad Swidi

Class of 2013

Director of Research – Dr. Peter Vig
Factors affecting recruitment and retention of educators in North Americans orthodontic programs

Dr. Nasibah Alharbi
Different Aspects of Orthodontics In Saudi Arabia

Dr. Khulood Al-Ibrahim
The relation between treatment duration and complexity with respect of ABODI component and score

Dr. Dareen Aljehani
Which Measurements Are Most Accurate For Diagnosis A-P Discrepancy?

Dr. Ahoud Altamimi
Effect of Fluoride on NiTi Orthodontic Wires

Dr. Nebras Althagafi
Consistency of measuring craniofacial characteristics using different imaging softwares

Dr. Rawah Eshky
The Rate of Bracket Bonding Failure At JU School of Orthodontics

Dr. Christopher Feldman
Essix Retainer: An Optional Transverse Dimension Retention Appliance For Stability After Posterior X-Bite Correction

Dr. Carlos Fernandez-Feo
Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets with Different Priming Agents

Dr. Robin Harrison
Significance Of Cephalometric Radiograph In Orthodontic Treatment Plan Decision

Dr. Narmin Helal
Relationship B/W Occlusal Plane Inclination And Wits Appraisal Reading

Dr. Anwar Jabour
The Effect Of Shear Bond Strength Of Rebonded Brackets Without The Removal Of Adhesives

Dr. Bryan Lockhart
Bisphosphonates And Their Effects On Orthodontic Treatment: A Systemic Review

Dr. Shokofeh Motlagh
Design and test the possibility of using Magnets and Temporary Anchorage Device’s to create a force for maxillary posterior intrusion

Dr. Jason Ouellette
Comparison of measurements made between orthocad & plaster models on severely crowded dental arches

Dr. Timothy Poyadou

Class of 2012

Director of Research – Dr. Peter Vig
Space considerations due to flattening the curve of Spee

Dr. Azita Abbasi
Patient Beliefs Regarding Invisalign Treatment

Dr. Junaid Afridi
The Perceived Value Of Required Research In North American Orthodontic Postdoctoral Training

Dr. Osama Basri
The Adaptation Of Upper Lip Types To Maxillary Incisor Advancement

Dr. Andy Baxter
Cephalometric Analysis as an Aid to Orthodontic Diagnosis & Treatment Planning-- A Systematic Review

Dr. Chris Cetta
Effect of Blue Laser on the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets

Dr. Ahmad Charkas
The Effect of the Dental School Process on Student’s Post Graduate Aspiration

Dr. Scott Cureton
Do Skeletal or soft tissue morphologic variables have any relationship to presence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) in patients diagnosed with OSAS?

Dr. Jude Fairchild
Nasal Soft Tissue Changes Associated With Rapid Maxillary Expansion Measured Using Three Dimensional Imaging

Dr. Ben Fishbein
Soft Tissue Response To Incisor Retraction: A Study Of Predictor Variables

Dr. Pawan Gautam
A Comparison of Laypersons and Orthodontists Perception of Smile Esthetics: A Focus on Gummy Smiles

Dr. Michelle Katz
Evaluation of The Cost Efficiency Of Four Premolar Extraction Versus Non-Extraction Orthodontic Treatment And Factors Associated With Extended Treatment Duration

Dr. Eliza Lindquist
Smile Esthetic Preferences In Different Ethnicities

Dr. Helmy Mostafa
Utility of The Pre-Treatment Anterior Bolton Ratio To Predict Residual Overjet In Lower Incisor Extraction Cases

Dr. Carolyne Thain
Cost-Effectiveness In Orthodontic Treatment at Jacksonville University

Dr. Natalia Valerrama

Class of 2011

Director of Research – Dr. Peter Vig
Orthodontists' Perception of Orthodontic Gnathology Concepts

Dr. Ruben Alcazar
Long term changes of Anterior Facial Height Change after Mandibular Symphyseal Distraction Osteogenesis

Dr. Keith Alexander
Contemporary approaches to orthodontic treatment of patients with moderate skeletal discrepancies

Dr. Lisa Beznoska-Davison
Orthodontic Resident's Preparation and Study Habits for the American Board of Orthodontic's Written Examination

Dr. Zulma R. Castaneda-Medina
Factors Affecting Case Acceptance of Orthodontic Treatment by Patients/Parents

Dr. Lawrence J. Friedman
Smallest detectable changes in alar base width: A survey of the orthodontist and layperson

Dr. Jared Funt
Comparison Of Shear Bond Strength of Pre-Coated Versus Conventional Bonded Orthodontic Brackets: An ISO Standard In-Vitro Study

Dr. Ulises Guzman
Summary of statistics in four major orthodontic journal articles published in 2009

Dr. Rishi Kothari
Relationship of Maxillary Retromolar space and dentofacial morphology

Dr. Marlon Moldez
The effect of patient ethnicity on orthodontists' perception of profile

Dr. Nona Naghavi
Bolton analysis and dental measurements comparing digital models to CBCT imaging

Dr. Lyna Naseri
Polymorphism of MTHFR 677 gene and isolated cleft palate in Indian population

Dr. Sheetal Patil
Case Selection Criteria for Invisalign Treatment at Jacksonville Unversity School of Orthodontics

Dr. Kamilah Sanford
Orthodontic tooth movement in us dental schools: how much exposure do students receive?

Dr. Erin G. Sherrill
ARS vs Lower incisor extraction: A general dentist's view

Dr. Erin Smith
Factors Affecting Residents' Selection of an Orthodontic Program

Dr. Sarah J. Thompson

Class of 2010

Director of Research – Dr. Dipak Chudasama
A Cone Beam CT Evaluation of Oropharyngeal Airway Space and its Relationship to Mandibular Position and Craniofacial Morphology

Dr. Ahmad Abdelkarim
The Effect of Fluoride on the Mechanical Properties of TMA Wires

Dr. Doraida Abramowtiz
Do Our Patients Understand the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

Dr. Anthony Antoniazzi
A Randomized Clinical Trial Assessing Alignment Efficiency of Mandibular Anterior Crowding: Damon-3MX versus In-Ovation R

Dr. Kurtis C. Bray
Perception of Smile Arc in the Presence of Incisal Wear

Dr. Jefferson R. Gamblin
Force Consistency and Reliability of Tying Elastic Thread

Dr. Craig Hadgis
Does IPR Represent an Efficient and Safe Way to Reduce Dentoalveolar Discrepancy in Orthodontic Patients? A Systematic Review

Dr. Amer Hussain
An In Vitro Study of the Physical Properties of Retrieved Nickel Titanium Archwires

Dr. Patrick G. Jones
Analysis of Retainer Appointments at Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics

Dr. Beau R. Myers
Actual Versus Estimated Orthodontic Treatment Times and Factors Associated With Extended Treatment Duration

Dr. Sharon Nguyen
Force Decay of Elastic Thread

Dr. Thuy Nguyen
Conventional Ligation and Self-Ligation: A Comparison of Mandibular Arch Changes Between the Two Ligation Methods

Dr. Hilda Oweisy
Modification of Angle’s Classification

Dr. Dara Rinchuse
The Anterior Alveolus: It’s Limitations on Orthodontic Treatment Measured by CBCT Dr. Chandy Samuel