Research 2005-2009

Class of 2009

Director of Research - Dipak Chudasama, DDS 

Matt Akridge, DMD
Comparison of accuracy of bracket placement between a twin bracket, a single bracket, and a self-ligation bracket.

Ginny Baker, DDS
Assessing root parallelism: comparing panoramic radiology and cone beam computed tomography

Shafeena Chatur, DDS
Accuracy of cone-beam computer tomography imaging of two types of periodontal defects

Andrew Crabill, DMD
A Pilot Study of Bite Registration Technique for Digital Model Articulation 

David Ferguson, DDS
Comparison of force decay rates between continuous, short and long filament elastomeric chains

Kiren Gehani, DDS
Cone Beam Computerized Tomographic analysis of collum angles in various malocclusions

Reza Ghajarnia, DMD
An Evaluation of the condylar head to the glenoid fossa distance in Class I, II, and III patients

Scott Law, DMD
Summary of statistics in American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedic articles published in 2008 compared to 2003***

Susan Park, DDS
Inclination of Posterior teeth in the various Angle classifications

Mahtab Partovi, DDS
Retention Protocol Outcomes

Russell Trapnell, DMD
An in vitro study of the effects of the oral environment on the physical properties of super elastic orthodontic archwires

Lily Workman, DDS
Pre-treatment soft tissue predictions of orthodontic patients compared to actual post-treatment soft tissue changes with regard to upper and lower lip position

***Angle Orthodontist 2010 Sep; 80(5):952-6

Class of 2008

Director of Research - Dipak Chudasama, DDS 

Dr. Danielle Browning
Effect of fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of nickel-titanium based orthodontic closed coil springs

Oleg Eisenstein, DMD
Attractiveness of the gummy smile: A layperson perspective

Blain Jacobson, DMD
​​Comparison of conventional cephalometric radiographic analysis to cephalometric radiographs rendered from CBCT

Louis Kubala, DMD
Most favored facial profiles among four racial groups

Richard Lee, DMD
​​The incidence of root resorption analyzed via panoramic radiographs, after comprehensive orthodontic treatment

Lauren Lockhart, DDS
The prevalence of arch form asymmetries pre and post orthodontic treatment

Dennis Mauro, DMD
Comparison of inclination and bone surrounding the apex of mandibular incisors utilizing digital and CBCT generated cephalometric radiographs

Herbert Murillo, DDS
In-vitro study on comparison of shear bond strength between conventional acid etching and air abrasion of human enamel

Marco Pinto, DMD
​​Prevalence of symptoms and risk of sleep apnea in the patient population under 18 years old at Jacksonville University

Jason Rice, DDS
The perceived need for orthodontic treatment for female teens who are facially attractive versus those who have an average facial appearance

Timothy Stuhlmiller, DDS
In vitro effects of topical fluoride formulations on elastomeric chains

Gregory Trapnell, DMD
A clinical comparison of incisor alignment with a fiber reinforced composite arch wire and conventional metal arch wires

Jeff Trapnell, DDS
Comparison of the retentive abilities of the BioMers wire and the standard wraparound retainer

Class of 2007

Director of Research - Dipak Chudasama, DDS

Ricardo J. Busquets, DMD
Predicting size of unerupted second bicuspids using Panoramic Radiographs

Yesenia Garcia, DMD
Comparison of the anesthetic effects of two different topical anesthetics used in laser assisted gingivectomy in adolescents receiving orthodontic treatment

Romia Goff, DMD
Alternative Methods for Orthodontic Band Sterilization

Sarita N. Hithe, DDS
Facial Forms and Smile Esthetics

Joshua Jones, DDS
Properties of Clinician Bent NiTi Archwires vs. Pre-Formed Archforms

Fausto Nicieza, DMD
​​Force Magnitude of Elastics: An In vitro Study

Mitra Parsa, DDS
Use of Computer Tomography in Detection of Alveolar Bone Dehiscence

Alisa Raglin, DDS
Comparison of vertical facial disharmony between Japanese and Caucasian adults

Sung S. Shyn, DDS
​​A Survey of General Dentists Practicing in the United States regarding TMD

Aaron Tolman, DMD
Incidence of shovel-shaped incisors in Otavalan Indians

Michael Paul Turgeau, DDS
​Post-adolescent lower incisor crowding: A Survey of common causative beliefs between general practitioners and orthodontists

Kapil Vij, DDS
Force degradation among four orthodontic elastomeric chains. A product comparison study

Jossette Vo, DMD
A clinical trial to evaluate the effect of fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of super elastic orthodontic archwires **

Kendall S. Woolridge, DDS
Comparison of Fiber-Reinforced Composites and Goldchain for use as Lingual Retainers

**World Journal of Orthodontics, 2010 Summer; 11(2):135-41

Class of 2006

Director of Research - Dipak Chudasama, DDS

Ilan Abramowitz, DMD
Jason Barlock, DMD
Andrew Demos, DMD
Orthodontic Patient Clinical Research Database

Derry Agnini, DDS
Cephalometric Analysis of Sagittal Discrepancies Using the Beta Angle on African-American Patients

Jason A. Battle, DDS
Esthetics of Buccal Corridor Space

Enrique J. Gallo, DDS
A Survey for the Evaluation of Lower Facial Profile Preferences of African Americans as Determined by Different Anteroposterior Lip Positions

Peter S. Jang, DDS
An Investigation of Discomfort Caused by Placement of an Initial Archwire in Patients Receiving a Self-ligating, Fixed Orthodontic Appliance

Edwin C. Jauch, DDS
Upper Lateral Incisor Tooth Size Discrepancy and the Relationship to the Class II Div 2 Malocclusion

Ryan Reynolds Long, DDS
​The Variables and Clinical Performances of Class II Elastics

Christopher N. Modjeski, DDS
Computerized Cephalometric Superimposition Utilizing Vistadent Cephalometric Software

Tania Quinn, DMD
Mandibular Molar Protraction Aided by Skeletal Anchorage

Brad Santelli, DDS
Lower Lip Response to Lower Incisor Retraction in African Americans

Michael Sawaf, DMD
Cephalometric Comparison of Growing Class IIIs to Age Appropriate Norms

Ryan Young, DMD
The Art of Orthodontics. A Clinical Guide for the New Orthodontic Resident

Class of 2005

Director of Research - Laurance Jerrold, DDS, JD 

Boris Arbitman, DDS
Pre-Eruption Dental Compensation As An Early Indicator of Class III Malocclusion

Matthew J. Becker, DDS
Cory Hoffman, DDS
Degree Discrimination in the Orthodontic Profession: The Orthodontic Perspective

Cameron Hulse, DDS
Darrin Storms, DDS
​​Patient’s Perception of Professional Demeanor Based On Attire

Molly McCarty, DDS
Hand-traced versus computer-assisted Cephalometric Analysis

Jeffrey Meckfessel, DDS
A Comparison of Microleakage Among 4 Different Bonding Agents

Jason Pavlik, DMD
The Effect of Parallax on the Evaluation of Angle Classification

H. Derick Phan, DDS
An Alternative Protocol for Anterior Crowding Correction with Invisalign and Validation of the ClinCheck

Barry Quinn, DMD
Absolute Anchorage with Zygomatic Mini Screw Implants in the Correction of Bilateral Molar Class II Malocclusion

Robert D. Sheridan, DDS
The True Absence of a Maxillary Dentofacial Midline: How Aesthetically Important Is It to the Patient/Layperson

Randall Snyder, DDS
Black, white, or gray: Finding commonality on how orthodontists describe the areas between Angle’s molar classifications*

Enrique G. Vargas, DMD
Tensile Force Levels of Elastomeric Thread

Jack G. Wright, DDS
The Force-Elongation Characteristics of Orthodontic Elastomeric Chains

*American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics Sept. 2007, 132(3): 302-306.