Master of Science in Nursing


The Master of Science in Nursing Program prepares students for advanced leadership roles in nursing.

The goal of the MSN program is to educate nurses who can demonstrate knowledge and behaviors of advanced preparation. Each graduate will demonstrate critical thinking and decision-making skills in evaluating the health and illness of selected populations. Graduates will formulate more comprehensive concepts and principles related to nursing education and patient care management. The MSN graduate program in nursing also prepares students to continue study at the doctoral level.

Available Programs

‡ These majors are also available as a post graduate certificate for students who have already completed their MSN degree or doctorate and are interested in pursuing additional education in an alternate specialization area. 

Dual Degree Programs

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Nursing Program, the graduate will be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge from a variety of disciplines to support and improve nursing practice in diverse healthcare settings.
  • Communicate, collaborate, and consult with interdisciplinary teams to deliver and/or coordinate direct and/or indirect care for populations to promote health and improve healthcare outcomes.
  • Utilize ethical principles and critical decision-making skills to function as a leader and advocate within healthcare systems.
  • Influence the systems level as a nurse leader in advocating regulatory, legislative, and public policy development in private and public arenas to promote positive health outcomes and preserve healthy communities.
  • Design nursing strategies to solve clinical problems and improving patient care through the integration of knowledge from practice, theory and research.
  • Appraise theories and conceptual frameworks from nursing and related disciplines as a foundation for implementing change in nursing and applies research outcomes within practice.
  • Use leadership skills to assess, plan, and deliver evidence-based preventative care to populations and advocate for system-wide culturally appropriate care.
  • Lead organizational systems in construction and evaluation of health care outcomes utilizing appropriate resources while providing for safe and quality patient care.
  • Compose a plan for professional development and lifelong learning that will continue to advance the level of nursing knowledge.
  • Apply health information technologies to increase health literacy and enhance the direct and indirect care of patients.

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Master of Science in Nursing

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