Insurance & Payment

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is not required for students to be evaluated and receive services at the JU SHC. However, health insurance is strongly recommended to help students and their families cover the cost of off-campus medical needs such as urgent care or hospital visits, ambulance transport, diagnostic tests, or other services that are beyond the scope or hours of operation of the JU SHC. 

The JU SHC does not file claims with insurance companies. Students may submit their walkout statement to their insurance company for reimbursement.   

Payment for Services

If you are a registered Jacksonville University student, no payment is necessary at the time of service. Your student account will be billed for applicable charges under the classification of "Student Health Center Charges." There is no processing fee for charges handled through your campus student account. 

Student Health Center

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Student Health Center

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Health Sciences Complex
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(904) 256-8080

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