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Our Mission

Gift of Life is a non-profit organization that facilitates transplants for patients battling blood cancers and diseases. Our mission is to cure blood cancer through cellular therapy. At Gift of Life, we believe every person battling blood cancer deserves a second chance at life. We are passionate about engaging the public to help us get everyone involved in curing blood cancer. People can get involved in several ways, such as joining our registry of potential lifesaving donors, volunteering to help spread awareness, or making a financial donation. 

It all begins with one person making a life-changing difference!

A couple of facts

  • Every three minutes a patient is diagnosed with blood cancer.
  • The lifetime probability of receiving a stem cell transplant is one in 200.
  • The best chance of finding a genetic match lies with those of similar race and ethnicity.
  • 90% of volunteers donate blood stem cells- 10% donate bone marrow (primarily pediatric patients).

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Campus Ambassador Program 

The program enlists students like you for an internship to run cheek swab drives on your campus. The role of a campus ambassador is to run events such as tabling on your campus or presenting for organizations and/or classes. You will be encouraged to partner with other campus ambassadors or organizations to increase outreach.

The goal of a campus ambassador is to spread awareness of our organization and encourage others to join our world-wide registry where they have the potential to be a lifesaving hero.

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How To Run a Donor Drive

Running a drive is easy! We are looking for college students willing to educate and recruit new donors around campus. We will give you all the tools you need to succeed. You can earn community service hours when running donor drives with your friends, classmates, and organizations/clubs.

You Just Need To:

  • Attend a training call!
  • Receive your supplies!
  • Run a drive!
  • Return the swabs!

Remember not all heroes wear capes!!! Every swab counts!!!

If interested or have any questions, please contact:

Raquel Morales (

Recruitment Team (