Vaccination Policy/Immunization Requirements

All undergraduate students must provide a completed immunization form  that includes proof of immunity to rubella and rubeola (measles), also known as MMR vaccine, before registering for classes. In addition, residential students are required to have the hepatitis B series and meningitis immunizations. The meningitis vaccine must have been given on, after the 16th birthday, or within 4 years prior to arriving at Jacksonville University. For hepatitis B or meningitis, a waiver may be signed stating the student understands the disease and the availability of the vaccine, but has opted not to be vaccinated. This waiver can be found in MedProctor.

If a student only has a waiver and there is a reported case or cases of the disease, the student may be restricted from classes or campus.

You'll need to create a Med+Proctor account using your JU email address to download the necessary forms. Then, take the forms to your doctor to be completed. After the forms are completed, you can submit them online through Med+Proctor.


University Immunization Non-Compliance Policy

Student who do not provide the required Student Health History and immunization forms will not be able to register for classes

EXEMPTIONS: Exemptions to the immunization policy (based on Florida State Law and University policy) may be granted for valid medical or religious reasons. If you are requesting an exemption, please contact the Student Life Office at 904‐256‐7067.