2020-2025 Strategic Plan


Strategic Planning Process

The goal of strategic planning for the 2020-2025 JU strategic plan is to undertake an inclusive, transparent, collaborative, and responsive process that ensures all community voices are head. The final document will provide direction for Jacksonville University over the next five years and be the centerpiece for an integrated planning system--including annual assessment, student success, facilities development, and financial planning. When completed, it will capture our institutional identity, set long-term direction, assist in making choices both now and in the future, foster faculty and staff buy-in, draw donor attention, and allow us to market the future of JU. Through campus conversations, the examination of data, documents, and the higher education landscape, and opportunity identification exercises, we will end the process with a document reflecting the rich history of Jacksonville University and providing a vision and path forward.

Relevant Documents:

Current Draft of 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Steering Committee

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is chaired by Dr. Whitney George. Overall, it consists of 27 members: 12 faculty (with 2 from each College, 2 representatives of faculty leadership, and 1 Dean), 12 staff, 2 students, and a representative from the Board of Trustees.

Relevant Documents:


Feedback for the Committee

Feedback can be provided to the committee at any time through an anonymous survey or by e-mailing us.