Institutional Research


The Institutional Research arm of Analytics & Planning at Jacksonville University facilitates the collection, analysis, and interpretation of institutional and environmental data to support integrated planning and effective decision-making for the entire campus. We oversee survey research, complete all required state and federal reports, serve as the official source for data, statistics, and information about the institution and its programs, and produce the official Census each semester. Equally important, we handle ad hoc data requests from all campus constituents.

Duties and Functions

According to the Association of Institutional Research, the duties and functions of the office include:

  • Identify information needs
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and report data and information
  • Plan and evaluate
  • Serve as stewards of data and information
  • Educate information producers, users, and consumers

AIR's aspirational statement of practice highlights the need:

  • For IR to serve a broader range of decision makers
  • To expand IR capacity through professional development of data skills
  • To have chief-level leadership for an institution’s data strategy and resources.

Institutional Data

Click here to see Jacksonville University's EASE Grant Performance Measures

River House


On our Surveys site, we present recent surveys completed on campus, including instruments and reports where available.

Student Success

Jacksonville University focuses intentional energy to ensuring students enroll, retain, graduate, and place into careers that meaningful to them. To see our work in this area and relevant projects and data, please visit the Student Success site.

Course Evaluations

JU utilizes the IDEA Center's nationally normed instrument to measure student learning progress, faculty effectiveness, and course satisfaction. Institutionially aggregated results are below.

Learning Objectives: Spring 2020  Fall 2019  Spring 2019  Fall 2018

Teaching Methods and Style: Spring 2020  Fall 2019  Spring 2019  Fall 2018

Learning Environment and Context: Spring 2020  Fall 2019  Spring 2019  Fall 2018

Peer and Aspirant Institution Analysis

For information on JU's peer and aspirant institutions, along with benchmarking information for all colleges and universities in the United States, please visit the JU Peer and Aspirant Institution Analysis site.

Additional Information

JU is a proud member of and participant in the Southern Association of Institutional Research.