Virtual Tutoring

How to Access Your Virtual Tutoring Session

If you have signed up for a virtual tutoring session with an ASC peer tutor, then you might be wondering how you actually "get to" your session. It is as easy as using your Outlook calendar, Starfish, or through the email reminder.

  1. Go to your Outlook calendar and click on the appointment.  There should be a link to a Bb Collaborate room with the tutor, OR
  2. Go to MyJU > Starfish and click on Appointments to see all of your appoints for the day.  Click on the tutoring appointment and the link, OR
  3. Open the email reminder of the appointment and click on the Bb Collaborate link included in the email.

When you click this link, that will automatically log you in for your tutoring session. You don't need to log out at the end of the session; that's all taken care of by the tutor. 

However, after your session you should receive an email with notes from your tutor including a request to complete a short evaluation. Please take a minute to complete this evaluation; your responses will help us ensure that we are providing the best possible tutoring experience for JU students. 

NOTE: The best browser to use for Virtual Tutoring appointments is Google Chrome. You can also use Firefox and Safari; do NOT use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer. Please make sure you are using the most updated version of your browser. Also, you will need video and audio capabilities for your session.

GoBoard Resources

During your virtual tutoring session, your tutor may suggest that you leave the BBC Virtual Tutoring Room to use GoBoard--an interactive, collaborative virtual whiteboard. 

You can check out the GoBoard User Guide by clicking here