Meet our SI Leaders

Supplemental instruction (SI) is an academic support model that uses peer learning to improve university student retention and student success in high-attrition courses. Unlike tutoring, SI is attached to the course and not the student. Supplemental Instruction "provides regularly scheduled, out-of-class, peer-facilitated sessions that offer students an opportunity to discuss and process course information. SI leaders are recruited exclusively by faculty that will partner with the SI leader to plan, coordinate, and conduct sessions where review of material, content, for exams, or introductory level concepts or content, takes place. 

Meet our SI Leaders!

Faith Fisher

Faith Fisher   

Faith is a Finance major working as an SI Leader for Accounting 201. Outside of school affiliations, she is a dance instructor in her hometown, and she works as the family ministry coordinator at Christ’s Church. Faith also likes to try different coffee shops around Jacksonville with her friends.




Zachary Howard

Zachary is a junior, double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics. He is an SI Leader for PHYS 151 and 152. A few of his hobbies include 3D printing and tennis, and he is a huge fan of Marvel and DC. 




Donovan Kesson

Donny is a freshman majoring in Biochemistry. He is the SI Leader for CHEM-204. He is in the honors program and on the JU men's rowing team. Outside of academics, his hobbies include games, working out, cooking, and sleeping




Rachael Peet

Rachel is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering here at Jacksonville University. Her hobbies include drawing and playing videogames, and she enjoys challenging herself academically. She is a Satallite Tutor for Engineering Physics 152. Rachel is also in the NROTC program at JU and plans to commission in the Navy once she graduates.