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The Academic Support Center at Jacksonville University promotes independent learning and self-efficacy by helping JU undergraduates develop strategies and resources that foster academic confidence and metacognitive development in order to support student success and retention. Essentially, the core value of the ASC is the notion that we are helping to create independent learners: helping students become stronger, more self-reliant, and more confident in their academic endeavors.

The ASC peer tutors are Jacksonville University undergraduates who have been successful in their studies and welcome the opportunity to assist other JU students in their academic success. They have all been recommended by you—the faculty—and have achieved academic excellence in the courses for which they tutor or “fellow.” All ASC peer tutors receive training that aligns with international certification standards set by the College Reading and Learning Association.

In the broadest sense, a peer tutor’s job is to help fellow students understand what he or she has already succeeded in earning, thus using his or her previous classroom and academic experiences as a foundation to assist others. We believe that tutors are coaches, team players, and facilitators; they should be knowledgeable, encouraging, and open-minded. We view peer tutoring as a supplemental resource to attending class and professors’ office hours, which we reinforce with all students who attend tutoring sessions.

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