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The Academic Support Center at Jacksonville University promotes independent learning and self-efficacy by helping JU undergraduates develop strategies and resources that foster academic confidence and metacognitive development in order to support student success and retention. Essentially, the core value of the ASC is the notion that we are helping to create independent learners: helping students become stronger, more self-reliant, and more confident in their academic endeavors.

The ASC peer tutors are Jacksonville University undergraduates who have been successful in their studies and welcome the opportunity to assist other JU students in their academic success. They have all been recommended by you—the faculty—and have achieved academic excellence in the courses for which they tutor or “fellow.” All ASC peer tutors receive training that aligns with international certification standards set by the College Reading and Learning Association.

Meet our Tutors!



Student Testimonial: Kylie Guernick



Avery Biggerstaff

Avery Biggerstaff is a Sophomore double-majoring in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Physics with a minor in Mathematics. Here at the ASC, Avery primarily tutors physics courses and math courses equivalent to Calculus 2 and below. During his free time, Avery enjoys photography, video games, bible studies with his friends, and the occasional run.




Alison Carter 

Alison is a peer tutor here at the ASC with a major in Accounting and is expected to graduate in 2025. She primarily tutors in accounting courses but is also available for other business courses. Her hobbies include hiking and going outdoors. Alison is on the softball team here at JU as well. 




Samantha Drake

Samantha is a junior, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her hobbies include soccer, crocheting, and going to the gym. Samantha tutors courses in spanish, nursing, english, and history.



Peer Tutor Sarah Goodyear

Sarah Goodyear

Sarah is pursuing a major in Data Science with a minor in Business Administration. Her hobbies include running, paddleboarding, and traveling. 




Michael Hicks

Michael is a peer tutor majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Naval Science and Marine Science. He is also part of the NROTC program and plans to graduate and commission in the Navy in spring 2026. His hobbies include working out, playing video games and hanging out with friends.




Cole Imrich 

Cole Imrich is a junior majoring in Marine Science. Cole tutors courses in biology, mathematics, economics, and marine science. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing. 




Lura Johnson 

Lura Johnson is an Oceanography major and Chemistry and Naval Science minor in the class of 2026. She tutors courses in mathematics, physics, english, and marine science. She chose oceanography due to her love for the environment and interest in the ocean. On top of being a peer tutor at the Academic Support Center, she is on the women's rowing team and in NROTC. Her passion for helping others is what drew her both to her major and to tutoring.    




Eleanor Martin

Eleanor is a Marine Science major graduating in Spring 2025. She is minoring in math, physics, and GIS as well. Eleanor tutors intro/upper-level marine science courses, intro calculus courses, and intro physics courses. In her free time, she likes to scuba dive, do arts and crafts, or look for shark teeth at the beach. 





Jenna Mazzeo

Jenna Mazzeo is a peer tutor at the Academic Support Center and is expected to graduate Spring of 2024.
She tutors in all nursing program courses. Her hobbies include running, lifting, cooking, and traveling.




Noah Midthun

Noah Midthun is a peer tutor at the Academic Support Center majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Naval Science. He tutors a various range of courses including economics, mathematics, naval science, philosophy, and international studies. 




Isabela Oliveira Guedes

Isabela Oliveira Guedes is a sophomore at Jacksonville University and originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She is an undergraduate double majoring in International Business and Marketing with an Engineering Management minor. Isabela tutors courses in economics, mathematics, biology, and philosophy. 



Lucien Parker  

Lucien is a senior Cybersecurity Major with minors in Physics and Naval Science. He is a member of the JU Sailing team and a member of JUNROTC. He mainly tutors in math and physics, but also tutors a variety of subjects including geography, economics, and computer science/cyber security.  



rachel peet

Rachel Peet

Rachel is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering here at Jacksonville University. Her hobbies include drawing and playing videogames, and she enjoys challenging herself academically. She is a Satallite Tutor for Engineering Physics 152. Rachel is also in the NROTC program at JU and plans to commission in the Navy once she graduates.




Adriana Phillips

Adriana is pursuing her BSN thru the accelerated BSN program and currently tutors Microbiology. She enjoys traveling, hiking, snowboarding and spending time with her family and dog. 



tabitha pockrus

Tabitha Pockrus 

Tabitha Pockrus is a peer tutor at the Academic Support Center. She tutors courses in biology, French, chemistry, and philosophy. 




Natalie Rockefeller 

Natalie is a peer tutor majoring in Sociology and minoring in Naval Science and Psychology. She also a part of our NROTC program here on campus and will be graduating in Spring 2026. A little about Natalie is that she is from Denver, Colorado and she loves reading, playing the guitar, and spending time with her family.  




Mariann Sleimat

Mariann Sleimat is peer tutor majoring in Biology and is expected to graduate in Spring of 2024. She tutors biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry. She enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.




Olivia Szyszkiewicz  

Olivia Szyszkiewicz is currently a senior majoring in Marine Science with a minor in Sustainability. She is a tutor for intro courses in marine science as well as a few upper level courses such as Icthyology, Marine Ecology, and Chemical Oceanography. She also tutors intro level math courses. A fun fact about Olivia is that she is on the beach volleyball team at JU and she has an orange cat named Amber!




Oniel Torres

Oniel Torres is a peer tutor at the Academic Support Center. He tutors courses in aviation operations, economics, mathematics, and computer science.