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Meet the Tutors

The Academic Support Center at Jacksonville University promotes independent learning and self-efficacy by helping JU undergraduates develop strategies and resources that foster academic confidence and metacognitive development in order to support student success and retention. Essentially, the core value of the ASC is the notion that we are helping to create independent learners: helping students become stronger, more self-reliant, and more confident in their academic endeavors.

The ASC peer tutors are Jacksonville University undergraduates who have been successful in their studies and welcome the opportunity to assist other JU students in their academic success. They have all been recommended by you—the faculty—and have achieved academic excellence in the courses for which they tutor or “fellow.” All ASC peer tutors receive training that aligns with international certification standards set by the College Reading and Learning Association.

In the broadest sense, a peer tutor’s job is to help fellow students understand what he or she has already succeeded in earning, thus using his or her previous classroom and academic experiences as a foundation to assist others. We believe that tutors are coaches, team players, and facilitators; they should be knowledgeable, encouraging, and open-minded. We view peer tutoring as a supplemental resource to attending class and professors’ office hours, which we reinforce with all students who attend tutoring sessions.

We are pleased to introduce you to the 2018-2019 Academic Support Center Peer Tutoring Staff!


Ruth Adeyemi

Head Tutor

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Biochemistry
  • Tutors: Biology, Chemistry, Math,  Philosophy, & Physics
  • Fun Fact: Ruth is currently learning two languages: Spanish and Korean


Kelechi Akwataghibe

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Math and Computer Science
  • Tutors: Computer Science, History, Math, & Philosophy
  • Fun Fact: Kelechi plays the guitar and piano (amateurishly) and plays ping-pong (decently).


Francis Alip

Head Tutor

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Biology and Psychology
  • Tutors: Biology, Chemistry, French, Calculus, Physics, & Psychology
  • Fun Fact:Francis has a fraternal twin


Elorm Amegashie

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Aviation
  • Tutors: Accounting, Aviation, Macroeconomics, & Geography
  • Fun Fact: Elorm broke his right middle finger as a child; it didn’t heal correctly so now he has a crooked middle finger.


Alexis Ancelin

  • Grad Year: 2021
  • Major: Elementary Education
  • Minor: Social Science
  • Tutors: Economics, Political Science, Psychology, & Sociology
  • Fun Fact: Alexis plays the ukulele and guitar.


Christian-David "Ian" Bayran

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Minor: Applied Math
  • Tutors: Mechanical Engineering and Math
  • Fun Fact: Ian has a condition called dextrocardia with situs inversus (a rare heart condition).


Avery Bechthold

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Nursing
  • Tutors: Biology, French, Nursing, & Psychology
  • Fun Fact: Avery is from Canada and has worked in the healthcare systems in Canada, the U.S., and England.


Diego Diaz Sanchez

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Minor: Applied Math
  • Tutors: Math, Mech Eng, & Spanish
  • Fun Fact: Diego is an international student from Madrid, Spain; he spent his first year in America in Idaho.


Ifeoma Eleweke

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Applied Math & Cyber Security
  • Tutors:  Chemistry, Computer Science, Macroeconomics, & Math
  • Fun Fact: Ifeoma can successfully do the Dele Alli Challenge.


Alyssa Girod

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Mathematics
  • Minor: English and French
  • Tutors: Economics, French, Math, Physics, Political Science, & Spanish
  • Fun Fact: Alyssa’s favorite word is hiatus.


Jada Glenn

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Biology
  • Tutors: Biology & Psychology
  • Fun Fact: Jada was virtually schooled from middle school through high school.


Donroy Hall

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Tutors: Math, Mechanical Engineering, & General Physics: Mechanics
  • Fun Fact: Donroy’s first name is a combination of his parents’ names: Donna and Roy.


Natalia Harley

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: International Business
  • Minor: French
  • Tutors: Accounting, Finance, French, Int Business, Astronomy, & Spanish
  • Fun Fact: Natalia speaks 4 languages: Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese.




Victoria "Tori" Jahn

  • Grad Year: 2019 (Fall)
  • Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Tutors: Biology, CSD, Kinesiology, Philosophy, & Psychology
  • Fun Fact: Tori will be on her way to Orlando after graduation to participate in the Disney College Program.


Lillian Jentz

  • Grad Year: 2019 (Fall)
  • Major: Nursing
  • Tutors: Biology, Math, Modern Culture, Nursing, & World Literature
  • Fun Fact: Lillian is a twin and rides the unicycle.



Throy Josephs

  • Grad Year: 2019 
  • Major: Aviation
  • Tutors: Aviation, DSIM, Geography, Math, and Aviation Physics
  • Fun Fact: Throy enjoys singing, swimming, and watching movies.


Meaghan Lohwater

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Tutors: Accounting, DSIM, and Economics
  • Fun Fact: Meaghan likes to hula hoop.


Gaby Lovera

  • Grad Year: 2019 
  • Major: International Business &    Communications
  • Minor: French
  • Tutors: Accounting, Communications, DSIM, Economics, French, & Spanish
  • Fun Fact: Gaby’s dad has over 250 birds back home.


Taylor McRae

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Mathematics
  • Minor: Naval Science
  • Tutors: Math
  • Fun Fact: Taylor wants to fly fighter jets in the Navy & then open a bakery.



Sade Meeks

  • Grad Year: 2021
  • Major: Accounting
  • Tutors: Accounting, Economics, Math, & World Literature
  • Fun Fact: Sade likes to sing.



Olivia North-Menthonnex

  • Grad Year: 2020
  • Major: Marine Science (Biology Track)
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Tutors: Biology, Macro, Math, Marine Science, Organic Chemistry & Psych
  • Fun Fact: Whale sharks and wombats are Olivia’s favorite things on earth.


Abosede Olantuji

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Minor: Writing
  • Tutors: Computer Science  & Math
  • Fun Fact: Abosede’s index finger can reach the back of her hand; she also loves watching Korean shows and movies.


Shannon Perkins

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Finance and Marketing
  • Tutors: DSIM, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, & Theater
  • Fun Fact: Shannon likes to eat watermelon with chopsticks.




Vanessa Rodriquez

  • Grad Year: 2021
  • Major: Chemistry
  • Minor: Physics
  • Tutors: Chemistry, Math, Naval Science, & General Physics: Mechanics
  • Fun Fact: Vanessa went to a military prep college before she came to JU.


Alvaro "Al" Sanchez

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Tutors: Computer Science, HUM-322, Math, Naval Science, & Physics
  • Fun Fact:  Al was born in Lima, Peru.


Alexis "Alex" Smith

  • Grad Year: 2021
  • Major: Psychology
  • Tutors: CS-150, Macro, Math, Philosophy, & Psychology
  • Fun Fact: Alex needs to be productive at ALL times.


Jeremiah "Dustin" Thompson

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: History
  • Minor: Secondary Education
  • Tutors: History & Political Science
  • Fun Fact: Dustin collects Presidential campaign buttons.


Lindsey Tracey

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Nursing
  • Tutors: Biology, Nursing, & PSYC-210
  • Fun Fact: Lindsey used to perform songs in Sign Language for different events.


Samuel Uhland

  • Grad Year: 2019
  • Major: Accounting and Finance
  • Tutors: Accounting, Economics, &  Finance
  • Fun Fact: Samuel has been to over 10 foreign nations.


Marlena Warren

  • Grad Year: 2021
  • Major: Biology
  • Tutors: Biology, Chemistry, CS-150, & Math
  • Fun Fact: Marlena has a pet cat named Chloe on campus.



Nicolette Worrell

  • Grad Year: 2021
  • Major: Marine Science
  • Minor: Sustainability and Political   Science
  • Tutors: Biology & Marine Science
  • Fun Fact: Nicolette actually *enjoys* running.




Charles "Will" Zeal

  • Grad Year: 2019 (Fall)
  • Major: Accounting and Business    Analytics
  • Minor: Secondary Education
  • Tutors: Accounting, DSIM, Economics, Finance, Math, & Management
  • Fun Fact: Will can speak conversational Spanish & Russian and is learning Korean & Mandarin Chinese.