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How to Register


For each presentation, a 100-word abstract must be submitted (with a title and author listing). Each student presentation must have a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor serves as the mentor and reviewer.   




1) Class poster session

(Instructor responsible for registering class)

Instructor schedules a 1-hour poster presentation session for their class (typically during normal class time). Instructors register the class by:

1) Submit preferred time. Instructors need to email Jeff Wight (Symposium committee member) to schedule preferred 1-hour time for the class poster session (typically during the normal class time).

Jeff Wight email:

2) Submit abstracts. Instructor submits the 100-word abstracts to Jeff Wight (as email attachments) by Friday, March 9th. There should be one abstract for each poster.  Include title, authors, and faculty sponsor. Abstracts should be Word documents.

*Save the documents using the following naming scheme: StudentName_InstructorName_CourseName_abstract

3) Submit posters for printing. We will print the class posters for you if you submit a flashstick to Jeff Wight by Wednesday, March 21st.

The flashstick contains:

-class posters (Powerpoint or PDF document). The instructor only submits posters if the class wishes to have their posters printed at the JU Print Shop. The cost is $10 per poster. Payments occur when the poster is picked up (on Tuesday 3/27 or Tuesday 3/28). More details are provided on the section of the webpage titled “Poster Printing at JU”.

*Save the posters using the following naming scheme:

StudentName_InstructorName_CoureName _poster


2) Standard poster and podium presentation

(lead author responsible for registering and submitting on Blackboard).

The lead author must register/submit the presentation using the JU Symposium Blackboard site.  Here is the process:

  1. Join the JU Symposium Blackboard course.
    1. Log into Blackboard with your JU username and password.
    2. Click on the "Courses" tab.
    3. In the "Course Search" box, type "Symp" and click "Go."
    4. You'll see a course named "JU Faculty & Student Symposium." Hover over the Course ID (JU_SYMP) to make a downward-pointing arrow appear. Click this arrow, and then click "Enroll."
    5. When the confirmation screen loads, click "Submit." We will use this Blackboard course to manage and communicate important Symposium information. When you wish to enter the course, it will appear on your list of Blackboard courses.
  2. Log on to the JU Symposium course on Blackboard to submit the abstract.
    • You can now submit your abstract by clicking on "Abstract Submission" and following the instructions on the page. Your abstract submission must include:
      • The title of your presentation.
      • The names of all presenters, as they wish them to appear in the program.
      • The name of your faculty sponsor (for student presentations). Student abstracts without a faculty sponsor will not be accepted.
      • A formal abstract of 100 words maximum. (There is even a handy word counter in the submission field!)
      • Your preference for an oral presentation or a poster presentation.
      • Your Twitter handle (optional) for us to include in any live tweets of the Symposium.
      • An indication of any audio-visual or other special technical needs for your presentation (beyond standard PC with PowerPoint, internet access, and projector).
  1. Share your availability to present.
    • Podium Presenters: On the “Abstract Submission” page, please follow the instructions on-screen to complete the “availability form”. This form asks you to indicate the times you cannot present over the two days of the Symposium.
    • Individual Poster Presenters: Individuals can present their poster during whichever hour they prefer (Thursday or Friday). On the “Abstract Submission” page, please follow the instructions on-screen to complete the “availability form”. This form asks you to indicate the times you cannot present over the two days of the Symposium. Simply block off all times (except for the hour you wish to present). For individual poster presenters, we will reserve an easel and organize your three 2.5 minute presentations (with the other poster presenters scheduled at that time).