Guidelines for Presenters

Format for Podium Presentations

There is 15 minutes reserved for each presenter. The presentation will be 10 minutes followed by questions.

The presenter should bring their presentation (saved on a flashstick). The presentation should also be backed up on the presenter’s H Drive and/or on an email account that can be easily accessed (in case the flashstick does not work).

How are the poster presentations organized?

At the symposium, we will have a moderator with a microphone. Students will present their posters to each other in an organized manner: 2.5 minute presentations followed by 2.5 minute discussions. Students will “rotate” after each presentation.

Students will:

  • Present their poster 3 times
  • Listen to 3 other students present

The organized presentations will take 30 minutes. The remaining 30 minutes will be “open” for free discussion and networking.