As JU Welcomes the World August 23, 2018, at 10:54 a.m.

To our JU Community:

No doubt you’re experiencing the new construction projects emerging on campus right now, from admissions and residential life to academics and athletics.

But did you realize that we have welcomed more than 10,000 visitors and prospective students to our campus over the past 12 months? By far the most in our history. This is an incredibly exciting time for our University as we quite literally welcome the world to our front door.

It has long been our distinction, and a sincere honor, to welcome students from the U.S. and around the world. Our incoming undergraduates hail from Bahrain to Uganda, and Peru to Mongolia. That means students from 40 states and 24 countries—first year students to doctorates—will study on our campus starting this week.

Allow me to take just a moment to brag about the Class of 2022. This is an amazing group. They are a testament to the diversity of nations, interests, and skills we are pleased to have joining our JU community.

We welcome them all and could share so much about this talented incoming class. Today, I’m pleased to introduce a few.

Sailing captain, poet, and Spotify playlist genius, this young woman has volunteered to assist refugee children, worked in a consignment store, mentored other young sailors, and played a role in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Molly, I’m confident, will continue to challenge us all.

Captain of his football team, this young man ran track and invested countless hours in his local 4-H club. He is a skilled equestrian, drone pilot, and competitive shooter. To William, we say welcome to the team.

A lead competitor in the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation’s Project Design Space, this new member of the JU Family was also a member of the 2017 USA team at Harvard Model Congress Dubai, where he had the unique opportunity to assume the role of a senator on the Foreign Relations Committee. Always seeking a new generation of leaders, we offer our welcome to Samir.

Badminton, basketball, student council, and marine science are only a few of the skills and interests of this incoming student. Whether she is winning MVP, completing an internship at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, or receiving the Unsung Hero Award from the Greater Baltimore Medical Center, she represents her school and her family with excellence. A heartfelt welcome to Mary Grace.

Commanding Officer of his local Navy JROTC unit, this young man can do everything from Color Guard to soccer management. Also a member of his varsity track and field team, he has an interest in robotics, biology, foreign languages, and community service. So, we are pleased to welcome Robert, another accomplished National Honor Society member.

High jump, long jump, triple jump. All skills this young woman has mastered. A member of multiple Honor Societies—art, science, technology—she still made time to participate in her high school’s International and Key clubs. And knowing her background as a Dunkin Donuts barista, we can’t wait to introduce her to the real deal right here in Arlington at The Donut Shoppe. Join me in welcoming Daisy to campus.

This incoming class is a stunning combination of talent, ambition, and potential from all around the world. We welcome them into our University family.

I am so grateful for the part each of you play to cultivate and nurture our greatest resource—our students. Right now, we’re seeing the fruits of your efforts and experiencing growth and enrichment in ways few may have imagined just a few short years ago.

With many thanks,

Tim Cost
Jacksonville University
Class of 1981