Computing Science Program

​​​Major Requirements

Students pursuing a degree in Computing Science must complete the following core, electives, mathematics, and required science courses. A minimum grade of "C" is required in any course used as a prerequisite to a CS course.

Computing Science Core Courses: 36 cr.

CS158 Application D​evelopment I 4 cr.
CS160 Application Development II 4 cr.
CS245 Algorithms 3 cr.
CS303 Operating Systems 3 cr.
CS330 Networking & Wireless Communication 3 cr.
CS340 Data Structures 4 cr.
CS350 Computer Architecture & Organization 3 cr.
CS360 Database Design & Development 3 cr.
CS376si Social issues & Professional Practice 2 cr.
CS395 Softw​are Engineering 4 cr.
CS455WI Project Management & Practice 3 cr.

Computing Science Elective Courses: 9 cr.

Choose three (3) computing science (CS) courses numbered 300 or above.
May include one (1) internship and one (1) independent study.

Supporting Allied Courses

Mathematics and Science Courses: 30 cr.

Of the 30 hours, the following Mathematics courses are required.
MATH140 Calculus I
MATH141 Calculus II
MATH150 Introduction to Discrete Structures
MATH205 Elementary Statistics
MATH305 Mathematical Statistics
MATH307 College Geometry
MATH320 Linear Algebra
MATH330 Symbolic Logic

Of the 30 hours, two (2) courses must be selected from the following groups:
BIOL 170 with Lab plus BIOL 204, 207 or 208
MSC 101 with Lab plus BIOL 204, 207 or 208
CHEM 103 or 104
PHYS 151 or 152
PHYS 111 or 112

Total Credits For Major in CS: 75 cr.