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Chemistry Department

Office location

Nelms 4
2800 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Telephone number

(904) 256-7325

Students participating in research in the labThe Department of Chemistry is housed in the Swisher Science Building. Its modern laboratories are fully equipped. The Chemistry Department’s instrumentation is used to support courses as well as selected research projects. Computers and graphing calculators are used in the laboratories, interfacing with the high technology instruments for better data processing.

Research opportunities are available in all areas of chemistry: analytical, inorganic, biochemistry, physical, and organic. The Department of Chemistry currently has the following instrumentation available: NMR, Nitrogen Plasma AES, IR Spectrometer, UV/Vis Spectrometer, Fluorometer, GC & LC capabilities.​  Students are strongly encouraged to contact individual faculty members and inquire about the possibility of conducting research in the faculty member’s area of specialization.  See individual faculty members’ web pages for more information.