Strategic Planning Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities

Inspiring the Future:  
Stein College Strategic Plan: 2022-2027


Strategic Planning Steering Committee


Dr. Sandra Coyle, School of Humanities

Dr. Erich Freiberger, School of Humanities

Professor Lana Heylock, School of Performing Arts

Professor Nick McNally, School of Art & Design

Dr. Tim Snyder, Dean

Professor Tony Steve, School of Performing Arts

Professor Alex Willemin, School of Art & Design


Morgan Boerner ‘23

Rachel Sadowski ‘22

Jack Terrell ‘22


Katelyn Armstrong and Dr. Will Miller, consultants


April 27, 2022


Mission Statement

The Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities empowers students to develop as artists, scholars, and critical thinkers through interdisciplinary study. We value diversity in all its forms and encourage a collaborative, inclusive culture to support intellectual and creative growth.


Vision Statement

The Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities will foster a thriving community of artists and scholars committed to interdisciplinary practice and critical dialogue. The Stein College will become a leading center of education, programming, and culture at the intersection of the arts, literature, languages, and philosophy. 


Strategic Plan

  1.      Heighten the Student Experience
    • Support the value and centrality of Arts and Humanities general education in the Core Curriculum 
    • Work to expand full-time faculty and minimize dependency on part-time (adjunct) teaching
    • Magnify the university’s DEI efforts through the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and development of new courses and curricula 
    • Focus curricular and pedagogical decisions on maximizing the opportunity for students to succeed
      • Identify and support areas for curricular reform to address changing contemporary trends
      • Establish student chapters of national discipline-specific organizations
      • Offer views of professional success through visiting artists, writers, and scholars
      • Ensure programming and curricular opportunities for students to expand their abilities to collaborate within their areas and across the School of Performing Arts, School of Humanities, and the School of Art & Design
      • Commit to interdisciplinary collaborations
      • Develop a College Curriculum Committee
    • Design programming to guarantee all students the opportunity for education and exposure to global studies and languages as part of curricular or co-curricular efforts
      • Identify innovative study away program designs and locations, with emphasis on the Spanish- and French-speaking worlds to take advantage of our existing language programs
      • Expand course offerings and faculty in world languages
    • Assess the feasibility of, and, if appropriate, propose a graduate program in music education
      • Ensure a niche focus that provides a competitive advantage
      • Identify needed library resources and potential funding sources
    • Partner with admissions to grow a pipeline of prospective students and steadily grow program enrollments
      • Sign articulation agreements with 2-year schools in the region for Fine Arts programs
      • Build and strengthen relationships with regional and magnet high schools
      • Identify national high schools for strategic engagement
      • Establish enrollment targets and key performance indicators each year and measure success
      • Ensure support for special programs that bring prospective students to campus, including summer camps
      • Examine how to best use endowments for most promising students
      • Determine how to use retention grants to aid retention
      • Develop study abroad partnerships to recruit students from other institutions
      • Examine current course equivalencies and ease the transfer process for students wanting to come to Jacksonville University
    • Engage with the Stein College Advisory Board to ensure meaningful interactions and opportunities between Board members and current and prospective students
      • Examine potential for board sponsorships, internship opportunities, study away trips, lecture series, and enhanced mentorship and career development opportunities
      • Invite Board members to open rehearsals, studios, classrooms, lectures, and Creative Arts Series programming
      • Expand the Board to ensure representation reflective of our academic disciplines


  2.      Encourage and Support Faculty Excellence
    • Ensure the practice of shared governance and strengthen communication within the College and between the College and University administrators
    • Identify and secure library resources needed for faculty to conduct meaningful and timely research in their fields.
    • Support faculty and staff collaboration across programs within the College and across the University
    • Develop faculty fellowships for completing works, producing scholarship, research, travel and designing innovative pedagogy and collaboration
    • Identify mechanisms for recognizing the effort of Stein College faculty, staff, and alumni in meeting the needs of students
      • Utilize website to share faculty accomplishments
      • Provide opportunities for faculty to present to the Stein College Advisory Board
      • Develop an archive of faculty and alumni accomplishments, accolades, talking points, and briefings for future use

  3.     Develop Pedagogy for the Artists, Writers, Thinkers, and Scholars of Today and Tomorrow

    • Identify ways to further develop inter-disciplinary study across the University
      • Maintain and expand course offerings in the arts and humanities throughout the curriculum
      • Consider the opportunity for students to design their own minor
      • Highlight pathways between Stein College core courses and existing minors
      • Identify potential certificate programs to develop and implement
    • Develop mechanisms for instilling knowledge about the business and law of art, design, and performance across programmatic curricula
      • Ensure students leave programs with a digital toolbox designed to ensure their success
      • Develop and implement an entrepreneurship certificate modeled after the certificate in editing
      • Work with Career Management to better serve Stein College students
    • Inject intentional technology and training across programmatic curricula to provide students the opportunity to enhance their understanding, practice, and skills
    • Ensure a diverse, well-rounded curriculum in all programs that maximize the opportunity for students to develop both breadth and depth in their studies
      • Inject information on the financial aspect of an arts or humanities career throughout the curriculum
      • Consider applying NACE competencies to program development and assessment—especially those focusing on fostering and support of individual and organizational diversity and inclusion

  4.      Enhance Structure and Infrastructure

    • Complete the implementation of a new organizational structure for the Stein College designed to highlight the established culture and comprehensive nature of programs
    • Strengthen current facilities by ensuring modern, accessible spaces to contribute to a vibrant community
      • New HVAC Systems for Phillips Fine Arts 
      • Council Building updates, including HVAC, classroom furnishings, and paint.
      • Elevator for Phillips Fine Arts
      • Repair the fire alarm system in the Council Building
      • Music Studio Improvements
      • Foley Studio
      • Roof for Arts Research Complex 
      • Dedicated Art History lecture and teaching Space
      • Community spaces 
      • Collaborative space in STEAM
        • Film production studio
        • Illustration studio
        • Design studio
      • Shop and warehouse space for performing arts
      • Dedicated rehearsal space for mainstage productions
      • Roof for Dance Pavilion
      • Outdoor welding facility
      • Acoustically sound choral ensemble rehearsal space
    • Activate and identify funding sources for the student art gallery
    • Celebrate the Stein College as Stewards of Its History
      • Identify ways to celebrate the legacy of Fran Kinne within the College
      • Develop a Women and Gender Studies Center
      • Create an archive of the Fran Kinne Collection, Delius House, and the Alexander Brest Gallery
      • Identify and implement a plan for the future of the Alexander Brest Collection
      • Identify and implement a plan for the future of the Delius House
        • Determine possibility for a state historic marker
        • Identify grant opportunities through the state of Florida to assist in rehabilitation
    • Seek additional corporate partnerships to allow for continued growth and innovation within the Stein College
    • Provide greater accessibility to facilities for students
    • Develop the Council courtyard as a wired teaching and performance space

  5.      Cultivate a Culture of the Arts and Humanities
    • Develop and host an annual celebration of the arts on-campus

    • Identify areas of campus for additional faculty and student-led installations, along with the potential for walking exhibits

    • Assist students and faculty with contractual partnerships on and off-campus

    • Develop and implement a Faculty Arts and Culture Advisory Council to consult the University on all matters related to public performance, design, art, and culture more broadly

    • Provide funding and support for faculty to work with students outside of the classroom

    • Enhance visibility of the Stein College within the University, the city of Jacksonville, and the region

      • Develop a marketing plan for events and community partnerships

      • Develop a radio, print, and digital media plan for events and community partnerships

      • Ensure autonomy of College faculty and staff to directly participate in marketing efforts

      • Build on collaborations like those with LaVilla School of the Arts, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jacksonville Symphony, Cummer Museum, and the Cathedral Arts Project
    • Continue to develop community partnerships that serve the Stein College, Jacksonville University, and the larger community

    • Engage with Renew Arlington initiative towards development of Arlington as an arts destination in Jacksonville, including the installation of Obelisk by Shan Shan Sheng at the University Blvd. and Merrill Road roundabout. 

    • Finalize development of the Public Art Catalog