Advisory Board Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to support and magnify the work of the Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts students, faculty, and Dean in achieving our vision and mission.  Board members focus their activities in support of the college in three broad areas:

  • Community Engagement - to grow and foster relationships with corporate, educational, community and arts agencies;
  • Friends of Fine Arts – to mobilize an active group of community patrons and supporters;
  • Advancement – to work in partnership with University Advancement to secure resources in support of college programs. 

Board Members 2021-2022

  • Darren Dailey, Board Chair 
  • Mica Bethea
  • Jeff Clements  
  • Artie Clifton 
  • Stephanie Cost 
  • Jackie Cornelius 
  • Kelly Delaney 
  • Earl Farris 
  • David Healy 
  • Marq Mervin 
  • Cindy Smith 
  • Jerry Smith 
  • Linda Berry Stein 
  • Linda Wisler 
  • Carolyn Munro Wilson 
  • Jay Wright