Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for the program? 

Apply Here​   

Are there fellowships and or financial aid available?

Yes. Please fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and contact the JU Financial Aid office for details.  To be considered for any loans, you’ll want to complete the FAFSA at or at 1-800-4-FedAid (our JU school code is 001495). JU Financial Aid contact information 

I have had some graduate work in the past.  Can I transfer in credits?

No, all of the course work in the curriculum has to be taken by all of the students.

When I submit my link or DVD should I submit one choreographic work, or a sample of different things?

If you have one work that really represents your choreographic level and voice it will be acceptable to submit that.  A sample of several works would be acceptable as well and may show more of your diversity.  The link should be no longer than 12 minutes and each work should be labeled.

Do I need to purchase computer software prior to beginning the program?

Students are not required to purchase any additional software for the program. The Intermedia class is taught in the face to face summer semester, so all students have access to the software in the computer labs where their Intermedia classes are held and where they have access after hours for homework.

Do I need to purchase books?

Any other purchases needed for the Fall or Spring online course work include only some books. All required books are clearly published at registration and in all course syllabi and your individual course faculty will notify you if you need a book for their course.

Do I need a certain type of computer or video camera?

If you have a lap-top or desk top computer it will be helpful to bring it with you. There are computer labs on campus and at White Oak for both PC and Mac users. For the program, you can use either a PC or Mac – it is your preference. You will do a lot of video filming and sharing during your studies this summer and for the remainder of your MFA. It is helpful if you have your own video camera. The style and brand is up to you – from a Flip to any camcorder, you just need to be able to connect the data to a computer from the camera. There are cameras available for check out from the department for no charge. There is free wi-fi available on campus and at White Oak.

Will we work on weekends during the summer intensive?

Students will always have Sunday off and will occasionally work half-days on Saturdays. 

What does a typical day look like during the summer residency?

Students will be in classes all day from 9am to 5pm with a break for lunch.

Is there housing available during the summer semester? 

Yes.  Housing is available to graduate students in the JU ‘Village Apartments’ which are 4 bedroom apartments located on the north side of campus. Each apartment has a furnished living room, full kitchen, and 4 bedrooms for single occupancy. If you choose to live on-campus for the summer, you will live with other MFA students in an apartment that is convenient, safe, and quiet. For more housing information click here.

What expenses at White Oak are covered?

When traveling to White Oak Plantation during the summer study, the program will provide for all costs for MFA students including transportation, food, and lodging.

When would my ‘one-week campus residency’ be held?

Each student will schedule a week of his or her choice in the Fall or Spring semester working with the MFA Pedagogy Professor on scheduling.  The week could be Monday-Friday, or over a weekend time frame.

What will I do during the 1-week residency?

Graduate candidates will be enrolled in the Pedagogy course and will work with the professor on designing a personal week with the JU Undergraduate dancers teaching classes and/or choreographing on the JU Undergraduates.


How are the Fall and Spring courses taught?

These classes are taught on line by professors in the program.