Resume Writing Guidelines & Examples

Here are some guidelines to follow when writing your resume.

A resume is a brief summary of your personal, educational, and professional experiences used for a job application. Keep these guidelines in mind when writing your resume.

  • Keep it to one page in length.

  • Use clear section headings.

  • Use easy-to-read fonts that won't distract from the content.

  • Leave appropriate white-space, especially around the margins.

  • Organize information using one of the helpful templates provided by Career Management.

  • Use consistent verb tense-past or present. Use the guide provided by Career Management.

  • Customize the or your resume contents to each job you are applying for.

  • Proofread! No typos, spelling, or grammatical errors. Don't rely on spellcheck.

  • File Name: include your name-nothing referencing other versions (Ex: JDoeResume)

  • File Format: select a format that is easily read across several devices (PDF ).

  • Have your Career Management staff review your finished resume.

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Example Resumes

Here are some examples that may help you with deciding what format works best for you and what information you want to include on your resume. The BEFORE and AFTER resume examples are more general and address common errors made and formatting standards. 

The examples listed below have already been "reviewed" and represent some of our JU majors and colleges.  These examples can easily be adapted to fit a variety of majors and career fields.

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