Prevention & Awareness Program Title IX Policy

The University offers on-going prevention and awareness programs to all incoming students, returning students, and faculty and staff.

Green Dot

The ongoing program of choice offered by Jacksonville University is the Green Dot College Strategy and consists of components that deal with power-based personal violence. This includes dating/domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. Green Dot provides the opportunity to create the momentum necessary for true and lasting culture change. It expands the traditional approach to bystander intervention in two ways: Who a bystander is and what a bystander does. We can take small actions each day to establish norms so that if a new student, classmate, friend, parent, or employee steps onto JU’s campus, they know that violence will not be tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part. No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.

This program is sponsored by the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. For more information, call (904) 722-3000 x210.

Additional Programs

Additional educational programming includes:

  • EduRisk “Workplace Harassment Prevention 110” and “Protecting our Campus from Sexual Assault”
  • 3rd Millennium Consent and Respect program
  • One Love Education program, designed to educate about healthy relationships and signs of relationship violence