Science and Engineering Lecture Series

  • Office hours  Thursdays, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • Office location  Access using this link: SELS


For information about the lecture series- please email the SELS Coordinators Dr. Nisse Goldberg or Dr. Peter Zhao

Jacksonville University welcomes and celebrates our diverse campus community. The 2021 Science and Engineering Lecture Series in the School of Sciences & Mathematics requests that our speakers use inclusive language to acknowledge diversity and convey respect to all people. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Nisse Goldberg or Dr. Peter Zhao.

2021 SELS Speakers & Talks

For more information about each speaker and their talk please, click on their respective names.

Date Talk Speaker
Feb 11

Darwin Week Speaker

Bats Aren’t Blind but Some Might Suck Your Blood 

Piper Roby

Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Feb 18

 What Are The Odds?

A Brief Tour of Counterintuitive Results in Probability

Aaron Montgomery

Department of Mathematics 

Baldwin-Wallace University

Feb 25 You Are What You Eat: How Nutrient Availability and Organic Matter Source Dictate Genomic Potential and Viral Activity in Coastal Anoxic Sediment 

Jessica Labonté

Department of Marine Biology 

Texas A&M University at Galveston

March 4 Growth in Groups: Using Algebra and Geometry to Study Symmetries 

Daniel Franz

Department of Mathematics

Jacksonville University

March 11  Thermo-fluid System Design for Medical Devices

Fatih Aydogan

Department of Engineering

Jacksonville University

March 18 From Genes and Cells to Drugs: Targeted Strategies for Drug Development

Gautam Goel

Gestalt Strategies Inc.

March 25 The Emergence of Cyberterrorism

Alex Borhani

CSX Technology

April 1  Crowdsourcing Recommendation System

Vivek Shandilya

Department of Computing Science

Jacksonville University

April 8  Human-Computer Interaction Research based on Eye Gaze and EEG

Mini Zeng

Department of Computing Science

Jacksonville University

April 15  New Twists on a Classic: The Cope Rearrangement

Alex Grenning

Department of Chemistry  University of Florida

April 22 Metal Pollution in Aquatic Environments 

Gretchen Bielmyer- Fraser

Department of Chemistry

Jacksonville University