Science and Engineering Lecture Series

  • Office hours  Thursdays, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • Office location  Reid Auditorium, Reid 105

Pizza and drinks provided!

For information about the lecture series- please email the SELS Coordinators Dr. Nisse Goldberg or Dr. Peter Zhao

Jacksonville University welcomes and celebrates our diverse campus community. The Science and Engineering Lecture Series in the Division of Science & Math requests that our speakers use inclusive language to acknowledge diversity and convey respect to all people. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Nisse Goldberg or Dr. Peter Zhao.

Speakers & Talks

For more information about each speaker and their talk please, click on their respective names.

Date Talk Speaker
January 24 Permitted to Learn: Authorizations and Permits for Research Projects Janice Price, Florida Dept of Environmental Protection
January 31 From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Protecting the Integrity of Physical Evidence in Criminal Investigations Special Agent Lauren Regucci, FBI, Jacksonville
February 7 Topology – The Study of Coffee and Doughnuts Daniel Moseley, Mathematics, JU
February 14

Darwin Week Panel

Darwin & Me

How Darwinism Has Affected the Visual Arts

Darwin and the Animalization of Reason

DarwiNations: The Impact of Darwinism in South America

Natasha Vanderhoff, Jesse Hingson, Scott Kimbrough, and Nicholas McNally, JU
February 21 Malaria in the 21st Century-Challenges to Elimination Matt Tucker, Biology, JU
February 28 Precision Medicine and Cardio-Oncology: New fields in the Care of Cancer Patients  Nadine Norton, Mayo Clinic Florida
March 7 Antibiotic Use Dogma: The Struggle between Preservation and Abuse Anthony Casapao, University of Florida College of Pharmacy
March 21 Thermo-fluids System Designs for Power-energy Systems Fatih Aydogan, Mechanical Engineering, JU
March 28 Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Datasets for Enhanced Knowledge Discovery Stuart Chalk, University of North Florida
April 4 Trees, are working hard to make our world a better place! Larry Figart, University of Florida IFAS/ Duval County Extension
April 11 UAV as a Service: Enabling On-Demand Access and Real-Time Tasking of Cloud-Connected, Commercial UAV Fleets. Justin Yapp, Electrical, Computer, Software and Systems Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University