Science and Engineering Lecture Series

  • Office hours  Thursdays, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • Office location  Reid Auditorium, Reid 105

Pizza and drinks provided!

For information about the lecture series- please email the SELS Coordinators Dr. Nisse Goldberg or Dr. Peter Zhao 

Speakers & Talks

For more information about each speaker and their talk please, click on their respective names.

Date Talk Speaker
January 24 Permitted to Learn: Authorizations and Permits for Research Projects Janice Price, Florida Dept of Environmental Protection
January 31 From Crime Scene to Courtroom: Protecting the Integrity of Physical Evidence in Criminal Investigations Special Agent Lauren Regucci, FBI, Jacksonville
February 7 Topology – The Study of Coffee and Doughnuts Daniel Moseley, Mathematics, JU
February 14

Darwin Week Panel

Darwin & Me

How Darwinism Has Affected the Visual Arts

Darwin and the Animalization of Reason

DarwiNations: The Impact of Darwinism in South America

Natasha Vanderhoff, Jesse Hingson, Scott Kimbrough, and Nicholas McNally, JU
February 21 Malaria in the 21st Century-Challenges to Elimination Matt Tucker, Biology, JU
February 28 Precision Medicine and Cardio-Oncology: New fields in the Care of Cancer Patients  Nadine Norton, Mayo Clinic Florida
March 7 Antibiotic Use Dogma: The Struggle between Preservation and Abuse Anthony Casapao, University of Florida College of Pharmacy
March 21 Thermo-fluids System Designs for Power-energy Systems Fatih Aydogan, Mechanical Engineering, JU
March 28 Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Datasets for Enhanced Knowledge Discovery Stuart Chalk, University of North Florida
April 4 Trees, are working hard to make our world a better place! Larry Figart, University of Florida IFAS/ Duval County Extension
April 11 UAV as a Service: Enabling On-Demand Access and Real-Time Tasking of Cloud-Connected, Commercial UAV Fleets. Justin Yapp, Electrical, Computer, Software and Systems Engineering, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University