Political Science A Department of the Division of Social Sciences

The study of political science enables students to understand how political systems are organized and operate on the local, state, national, and international levels. Majors in political science are prepared for graduate studies as well as a wide variety of professional options including government service, law, business, teaching, research, and international relations.

Major and Minor Requirements

Major requirements Minor requirements

Summer 2019

Learn about Political Assassinations this Summer I 2019

Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy are two public figures who died by assassination.
This course is offered during the first 6-weeks of the Summer term and examines the reasons behind political assassinations and their impact in the United States and around the world.

Learn about International Politics this Summer II 2019

This course is offered during the second 6-weeks of the Summer term and is an examination of war and peace, of conflict and cooperation, of interdependence and dependence, and of politics in different nation-states and systems across the globe. 


  • U.S. Senators and Representatives
  • Florida State Senators and Representatives
  • City of Jacksonville
  • Equality Florida
  • Jacksonville Teen Court
  • JEA
  • NextGen America
  • Vote Smart
  • Law Offices
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Political Campaigns


Dr. Austin Trantham

Dr. Austin TranthamDepartment Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Political Science

Dr. Michael Pomante

Dr. Michael PomanteAssistant Professor of Political Science