Faculty Experts

Jacksonville University faculty are available to speak on a wide range of topics. Don't see what you're looking for here? Please contact us at media@ju.edu.

Melissa Davenport, Esq.

Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions-Law School

Pro bono and community involvement, landlord/tenant issues, bar prep and academic success

Matthew Reiber, Esq.

Associate Professor of Law

commercial and professional negligence litigation, commercial litigation, federal and state civil procedure

Alexandra Yelderman, Esq.

Assistant Professor of Law

technology ethics, crime-related speech, effects of intermediary liability on illicit internet commerce

Lauren Knight, esq.

Assistant Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Student Success & Bar Prep

Legal training, student experience in law school

Elizabeth Winings, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Family psychiatric mental health care, pediatrics, nutrition and lifestyle medicine

Latisha Nixon-Jones

Associate Professor of Law

Disaster law, insurance law, parents' rights, school safety

Dr. Ashley Johnson

Associate Professor of Geography and Sustainability

Sustainability, environmental science, resiliency, watersheds, coastal and marine geospatial planning, geospatial analysis of marine uses and conflict, coastal policy and ocean governance

Margaret Dees, Esq.

SVP of Economic Development/External Engagement

Law, Renew Arlington, Jacksonville University developments

Dr. Murat Tiryakioglu

Professor of Engineering

Mechanical engineering, process design for high-quality castings, aluminum heat treatment modeling and optimization, process-structure-property relationships in metals, statistical modeling and quality, and reliability improvement

Dr. Barbara Ritter

Dean of Davis College of Business and Technology

Organizational structures and cultures, industrial psychology, career services, business studies

Scott DeVito

Associate Professor of Law

Commercial law, Bar examination and admission to the practice of law, and accreditation of academic programs. Commercial law includes contracts, negotiable instruments (checks, drafts, promissory notes), secured transactions, and transactional drafting.

Nathan Richardson

Professor of Law

Environmental law, climate change, air pollution, federal agencies, EPA, energy, electric power, oil & gas, renewable energy, electric vehicles, forestry

Missy Davenport

Assistant Director of Admissions, College of Law

Pro bono and community involvement, landlord/tenant issues, bar prep and academic success

Vanessa Zboreak

Associate Professor of Law

Constitutional law, government powers, environment law, food law agricultural and land use law, employment law, remedies, internet speech, technology and privacy, legal education.

Dr. Courtney Barclay

Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs, College of Law; Associate Professor of Law and Communications

Constitutional Law, First Amendment Law, advertising law, social media law, privacy law and policy, communication law and policy, free speech, communication ethics, administrative law, FTC regulations, public relations

Colleen Skinner

Law Librarian, Assistant Professor

Legal Research, Legal Technology, Information Literacy

Capt. Matt Tuohy

Director of Aeronautics

Aviation management, aviation business, commercial airlines

Dr. Ray Oldakowski

Professor of Geography

Geographic information systems (GIS), environmental policy, issues, issue mapping, public sentiment, the St. Johns River, public infrastructure, environmental racism

Dr. Matthew Corrigan

Professor of Political Science

Southern state politics, Florida politics, American presidency, survey research, research methods, and campaigns and elections

Dr. Heather Hausenblas

Professor of Kinesiology

Kinesiology, physical activity, aging, body image, mood, adherence, quality of life, and excessive exercise

Dr. Carena Winters

Director of Exercise is Medicine® and Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Exercise is Medicine®, exercise epidemiology, exercise in the prevention and management of chronic disease

Dr. Tim Snyder

Dean of Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts & Humanities

Music and arts, choral and vocal studies

Shelley Grant

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Criminal justice, juvenile delinquency, gender and crime, media in crime, environmental crime, organized crime, social deviance

Rick Mullaney, Esq.

Shircliff Executive Director of the Public Policy Institute

Law; political institutions; local, state, and federal legislation

Abdel Missa

Resource Professor Finance

Finance, financial technology, cyber range, stock markets and investment

Dr. Andy Ouellette

Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Pollution, water quality, astronomy, microbiology, biochemistry, toxic cyanobacteria

Dr. Melinda Simmons

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Biological oceanography, water quality, microbiology, St. Johns River, Connected/JAXPORT

Dr. Bryan Franks

Associate Professor of Biology

Shark biology, OCEARCH, herpetology, tropical ecology, fisheries

Dr. Quint White

Executive Director of the Marine Science Research Institute, Professor of Biology

Marine science, local conservation, invertebrate zoology, marine ecology, ecology and life history of manatees, St. Johns River Report

Dr. Gerry Pinto

Associate Research Scientist, Biology and Marine Science

Fishery science, marine ecology, manatees, aerial surveys, the state of the St. Johns River Report, aquaponics, aquaculture

Dr. Daniel McCarthy

Professor of Biology and Marine Science

Reef ecology, coastal ecology, fish ecology, marine conservation, reproduction of marine organisms

Dr. Kristin Alberts

Director of the Student Counseling Center

Mental health counseling, student experiences, clinical psychology

Dr. Heather Downs

Associate Professor of Sociology

Sociology, LGBTQ+ issues, women and gender studies, sexuality

Dr. Amber Santos

Director of Innovation and Quality, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

Pediatrics, neonatal, women's care, nursing

Dr. Lindsay Wolf

Director of Graduate Programs, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing

Children with special needs, nursing, lactation support and education for breastfeeding families

Dr. Kathleen Kavanagh

Executive Director of BRCHS Healthcare Simulation Center.

Quality and safety patient care, adult and geriatric care, bioethics, medical humanities, healthcare simulation curriculum development and implementation, research and prototype development

Dr. Melissa McRae

KSON Student Success Specialist and Assistant Professor of Nursing

Pediatrics, clinical research, patient satisfaction and leadership

Dr. Jesse Hingson

Professor of History

United States history, Latin American history

Dr. Lindsay Head

Assistant Professor of Law

Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, criminal procedure, oral advocacy