Example Social Media Posts

Here are some examples of how to write/create a social media post. Note: These are all hypothetical posts.


Topic 1

Lets pretend that the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences had a student who landed an awesome internship at Mayo Clinic.

Bad Example

Congrats to Laura for landing an internship at Mayo Clinic! (No photo)

This leaves us wondering what type of internship she landed, details on Laura, and a photo of what she looks like.

Good Example

Congrats to Laura Goodman for landing a nursing internship with @Mayo Clinic! (Includes picture of Laura)

Tagging the Mayo Clinic helps to gain exposure of the post. A photo is better than no photo. If the photo is not a poster or stock photo, it has to be an actual photo.

Best Example

"I am so thankful for the JU professors who helped me find an internship." -Laura Goodman Congrats to Laura for landing a nursing internship with @Mayo Clinic! (Photo of Laura interning at Mayo Clinic or outside the building on her first day.)

Asking for quotes helps to gain student exposure and photos that seem "real" are the best. Think of it this way, if it was your personal account and you were posting about getting an internship, would you post a general photo of yourself or would you post a photo relating to the internship?

Topic 2

Let's pretend that the library has their annual Dogs for Dolphins event coming up that they want to promote.

Bad Example

Make sure you attend Dogs for Dolphins on Monday! (No photo)

The reader is left wondering when is Dogs for Dolphins, what is dogs for dolphins and what does the event look like?

Good Example

Because who doesn't love spending time with dogs? We are bringing dogs to campus again to help you de-stress during finals week. Join us Wednesday at 12 p.m. at the library. (Poster)

A poster does not show up well in the algorithm because Facebook and Instagram take that as promotional content that they think you should have paid for a sponsored post.

Best Example

It isn't every day you get to hang out with dogs on campus. We are bringing dogs to campus again to help you de-stress during finals week. Join us Wednesday (May 9) at 12 p.m. at the library. (Photo of students with the dogs on campus from the year before)

Photos show up the best on social media. This post is not too "selly" and it starts with a catchy phrase to get the readers attention.

Topic 3

Finally, let's pretend that the Linda Berry Stein College of Fine Arts is trying to promote admissions to their visual arts program.

Bad Example

The last day to apply for our visual arts program is Friday. (No photo)

The reader is left wondering if you mean the BFA or MFA. It also helps to include the date besides "Friday," just in case someone sees the post later. This post is way to "selly."  Facebook's algorithm will make sure that this post does not show up in people's news feed.

Good Example

If you are considering our BFA in visual arts, the application deadline is Friday (May 11). (Photo of a painting)

The way that this is written is passive enough that Facebook will allow this to show up in the algorithm. The general photo of the painting and since there is an action item included, the post will not receive a huge amount of engagement.

Best Example

"My favorite part about the BFA in visual arts was that the professors spent time with me individually on my portfolio which has helped me to be featured in many shows." - Victoria Robinson JU BFA alum If you are thinking about our program, the last day to apply is Friday (May 11). (Photo of Victoria at a gallery opening with her art)

A photo of Victoria at one of her gallery openings is key to exposure on this post. This is worded organically enough, using the quote from her, that it seems like something that would show up on your news feed from a friend and not a company selling to you.

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