Administrative Rights

Desktop and Laptop Admin Rights Information

Before applying for administrative rights, you need to be aware of the services and processes established by IT to provide individuals with their software needs. Please review the IT resource use policy.

Please be aware in the event the user decides to install any software and/or hardware and a problem arises with the PC, the IT department will not perform the troubleshooting procedures normally associated with the problem. The only action IT will be able to perform is to re-image the computer and return it to the user. IT will not be held responsible for any lost data.

Directions on How to Request Admin Rights on JU Desktop and Laptop Computers

  • The IT Admin Policy Form needs to be signed in person at the Help Desk. (Founders Building, Room 17)
  • The Help Desk creates a work order and a technician will contact you to have your request completed once the form has been submitted.
  • The Help Desk staff does not grant you admin rights, only a technician will be able to set up your computer (desktop or laptop) for admin rights.
  • The Help Desk keeps the original form.
  • If you have any questions please contact the Help Desk, ext. 7200.

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